Various artists :[Australian bookplates commissioned by persons whose names begin with the letters L through to N, collected by David Graham. 19-- - 1950s].

1900 - 1960
Barnett, Percy Neville, 1881-1953; Blake, Sara Eugenia, 1886-1973; Byrne, Harold, 1899-1966; Davies, Lewis Roy, 1897-1979; Feint, Adrian, 1894-1971; Goodchild, John Charles, 1898-1980; Hunt, Charles Henry, 1857-1938; Lindsay, Lionel Arthur (Sir), 1874-1961; Lindsay, Norman Alfred William, 1879-1969; Litchfield, Phillip M, active 1920s-1930s; Mahony, Francis William, 1905-1989; McGrath, Raymond, 1903-1977; McNally, Matthew James, 1874-1943; Miller, Sydney Leon, 1901-1983; Mort, Eirene, 1879-1978?; Pike, Bertram Edgar, 1890-1972; Rees, Lloyd Frederic, 1895-1988; Spence, P F S, active 1907; Wood, Noel, 1912-2001?

Arranged in boxes alphabetically according to the name of the person for whom the plate was made.

Contains plates made for:

Elizabeth Lane (by E E Brown)

F C V Lane (3 bookplates, 1 by Adrian Feint, 1 by an artist with the initials J C N or C N J, 1 by artist unknown, picturing a boat, a lantern and several birds, possibly cormorants)

Frank E Lane (by Phillip M Litchfield, 1926)

Fred Lane

Fred C V Lane (2 bookplates, 1 by Lloyd Rees, 1 by artist unknown)

Jean Rosalind Lane

Rosamund P A Lane (by Lloyd Rees)

Walter Gilbert Langford (by P M Litchfield, possibly Phillip M Litchfield, 1925)

Maxwell J Lawson (by E W, 1927. Collector notes on back of bookplate "Auctioneer, connoisseur of objects d'art)

B B Levick (by P N Barnett, possibly Percy Neville Barnett)

E C Levick (by P N B, possibly Percy Neville Barnett)

Norman Lindsay (featuring caricature, possibly of artist)

Noel Linton (name of the artist illegible, possibly B E Pike)

Reg Linton (by J B G)

P Litchfield (owner is also possibly the artist)

Charmian London (by L Roy Davies, possibly Lewis Roy Davies)

Sydney Long (2 bookplates, both by artist unknown, both feature birds and children)

John Lynch (note on back of bookplate reads "from Louis Politzer", though it is unclear if he is the artist or a donor. The bookplate features a poem entitled "Ode to a Loaned Book")

H M (possibly by T Bond, featuring a face mask, possibly South East Asian)

Hartley MacAllister (by R D, possibly Roy Davies)

Allan McClure (by W Mahoney, possibly Will Mahony, 1930. Pictured 2 men, 1 on horseback, and 2 windmill, possibly representing Don Quixote and Sancho Panza)

Gwen McConnell (by M J MacNally, possibly Matthew James MacNally)

Heather MacDonald-Sutherland (by R McGrath, possibly Raymond McGrath)

Aeneas J McDonnell (by Adrian Feint, 1926)

Alice McEllister (by G D P, possibly George D Perrottet)

Eileen McGrath (possibly by Raymond McGrath)

Raymond McGrath (owner is also possibly the artist)

Ethel McIlwraith (by G D P, possibly George D Perrottet)

Hugh D McIntosh (by N L, possibly Norman Lindsay)

Thomas MacIver, Jr

Ioannis Mackenzie (by Crampton, 1942. The bookplate reads "A gift to his successors in the Ministry of the Toorak Presbyterian Church")

Lorna McLaughlin (possibly by F W G Mathwin)

E B MacLeod (possibly by Eirene Mort)

Genevieve McLeod (by P M Litchfield, possibly Phillip M Litchfield, 1924)

David McMillan (picturing a Maori carving and the words "toni puka puka")

F A Maguire (by Philip Litchfield, possibly Phillip M Litchfield)

Lorna Maher (name of the artist illegible, 1928)

Will Mahony (by Syd Miller, possibly Sydney Miller, featuring caricature possibly of Will Mahony)

Ernest S Marks (note on back of bookplate illegible, gives artist's name as H J Ricknell or possibly H J Recknell, featuring sporting equipment and a picture of a greyhound)

Percy J Marks (by J Wolinski, possibly Joseph Wolinski, 1932. The bookplate pictures a man at a desk, presumably Percy J Marks, with books entitled "Law", "Judaiea", "Numismatiea", "Shakespeare" and "Australia", and a view past him through the window of what is probably the Sydney Harbour Bridge)

Douglas Mawson (by L Roy Davies, possibly Lewis Roy Davies, 1932. Pictured is a polar scene, with a sailing ship and a man following a dog-drawn sled, possibly depicting Antarctica)

Robert G Menzies (by Lionel Lindsay, depicting several items including an ornate chest, a lawyer's or judge's wig, and a manuscript titled "Declaration of War")

Meriden (by Gayfield Shaw, 1931. Includes motto "semper fidelis". Pictured is an ornate and imposing doorway over which is written the text "Meriden", though it is not made clear whether this is the name of the owner or possibly the building. Before the steps lie an open book, and a bow with a quiver of arrows)

Clyde Meynell (by W S Percy)

Syd Miller (featuring caricature, possibly of Syd Miller)

Montgomery (Field Marshal the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein G C B, D S O. Bookplate includes picture of Tasmania, Australia, with the words "Gardez bien"

Camden Morrisby (2 bookplates, 1 by Lionel Lindsay, the other by G D Perrottet, possibly George D Perrottet)

Eirene Mort

Harold S Mort

Harold Sutcliffe Mort (name of the artist illegible, possibly E Mort, [19] 14)

Harrie P Mortlock (2 bookplates, 1 by G D P, possibly George D Perrottet, 1933, the other by artist unknown, in a Japanese or Oriental style)

Mary E Moss (possibly by Ernest Warner)

H B Muir (9 bookplates, 1 by A F, possibly Adrian Feint, 3 possibly by J C Goodchild, 1 possibly by Noel Wood, 2 by G D P and 1 by G P, all 3 possibly George D Perrottet, 1 with name of the artist illegible, possibly Sara Eugenia Blake. Blake was also a bookplate collector and her name on the bookplate possibly refers to her in this role. Bookplate also includes the initials A R A)

Barbara Lane Mullins

Bessie Lane Mullins (by Albert Hanson)

George Lane Mullins

Hilda Lane Mullins (by C H Hunt, possibly Charles Henry Hunt)

John Francis Lane Mullins (included on the bookplate is the inscription "Turner & Henderson, Sydney)

John Lane Mullins (3 bookplates, 1 possibly by Harold Byrne, 1936, 1 by P F S Spence, possibly Percy Frederick Seaton Spence, 1892, 1 by artist unknown)

S Elliott Napier (by E M, possibly Eirene Mort, 1934. Amongst the things pictured in the bookplate are a tortoise, a bird, possibly a tern, a map of Cape York peninsula/northern Queensland, Australia and an emblem depicting a hand holding a crescent shaped object with the words "ready aye ready", possibly a reference to the Canadian Navy)

Frank Howard Neff (by H E P)

The National Art Gallery of NSW (2 bookplates each depicting the same image but on different scales)

New South Wales (Public Library of New South Wales)

Eileen Nigel-Smith (by Philip M Litchfield)

A T Nisbet (initials of the artist illegible, possibly A C or P C or N C)

Quantity: 90 b&w art print(s) on bookplates..

Physical Description: Engravings, etchings

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The Graham Bookplate Collection; bookplates collected by David H Graham. [1500-1950s] / Various artists :[Australian bookplates collected by David H Graham].
90 b&w art print(s) on bookplates., Bookplates, Engravings, etchings
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