Various artists :[Australian bookplates commissioned by persons whose names begin with the letters T through to W, collected by David Graham. 19-- - 1950s].

1900 - 1960
Barnett, Percy Neville, 1881-1953; Barrett, William Phillips, 1861-1938; Coleman, Constance, 1903-1990; Godson, John Barclay, 1882-1957; Lindsay, Lionel Arthur (Sir), 1874-1961; Mahony, Francis William, 1905-1989; Pierson, Percy Roach, active 20th century; Weston, Henry John, 1874-1938

Arranged in boxes alphabetically according to the name of the person for whom the plate was made.

Contains plates made for:

C Thomas (owner also possibly the artist. Picturing 2 golliwog type figures holding a book reading "Ex Libris")

Claire Thomas

M Caldwell Thomas (possibly by Constance Coleman)

Constantine Trent (full title on bookplate is "Constantine Trent; Champion de Crespigny")

A R Turnbull (by P Roach-Pierson, possibly Percy Roach Pierson, 1943)

E J Turner (picturing a book entitled "Poems", a quill pen, and brushes, palette, palette knife and paint tubes, within a landscape setting)

Paul Turpin

Cedric Tuxen (by K P, possibly Keith Patterson)

J E Tyrell (by Lionel Lindsay, featuring an Australian aboriginal man, seemingly cutting down a tree. Note on the back of the bookplate reads "Son of J N T", or possibly "Son of J R T")

James R Tyrell (2 bookplates, 1 by P N B, possibly Percy Neville Barnett, 1924, the other by J Barclay Godson, possibly John Barclay Godson)

James Robert Tyrell

Jim Tyrell (by L L, possibly Lionel Lindsay)

Tyrell's Galleries

Sydney Ure-Smith (by Lionel Lindsay)

Vachini (by P N Barnett, possibly Percy Neville Barnett. The word "Vachini" is preceded by a jumble of the following letters - T, U, H, T, N, C, O. Also included on the bookplate is the letter "L" written in a diamond shape and the words "Lye del" pencilled at the bottom of the bookplate)

E & E Vance (by Will Mahony, 1930)

Alice Verbrugghen (by L L, possibly Lionel Lindsay. Pictured is a woman with hand on hip and holding an urn. Written alongside are the words "Folk Song")

Public Library of Victoria (the text reads "Presented to The Public Library of Victoria on the ... day of ... 19... by ...", with the name "Sands & McDougall" written underneath)


James B Walker

Mollie Gerald Walters (by P N B, possibly Percy Neville Barnett)

E Warner (owner is also possibly the artist, 1927. Featuring an 8 pointed cross, the dominant arms pointing Norh-South and East-West, the lesser arms pointing NorthWest-SouthEast and NorthEast-SouthWest. All 8 arms are bound within a circle and there is a floral form in the centre of the cross. Possibly of Rosicrucian origin)

William MacKenzie Webb (possibly by Margaret Webb. Pictured is a child shaking a tree, which appears to bear books instead of fruit)

Webber (text of bookplate reads "E. Libris: Cul: Tho: Thornhill. Webber. Brisbanensis. Episcopi" or possibly "E. Libris: Gul: Tho: Thornhill. Webber. Brisbanensis. Episcopi")

Karl Weidenhofer (picturing a bunch of grapes, several wine glasses and a carafe, all containing red wine)

R V West (by Crampton, possibly C H Crampton. Pictured is a quill pen, a bookshelf, and an album of records, one prominently displayed reading "R V West" with a centre label featuring a map of Australia)

C B Westmacott O.B.E. (by H S Percy, or possibly W S Percy. Picturing various sporting equipment)

Harry J Weston (owner also possibly the artist. Text of the bookplate reads "Anyone who says this book is his is adamliar 'cos it's mine!")

Arthur Whitaker

Nancy J Whitaker

Sydney Herbert Williams (by P W Cole, 1910)

Alan & Hilary Wilshire (by P Neville Barnett, possibly Percy Neville Barnett)

Ada Grey Wilson (by W P Barrett, possibly 1906. Pictured is a book with the text "Seek and you shall find" and a white 5 pointed star)

Quantity: 34 b&w art print(s) on bookplates..

Physical Description: Engravings, etchings

Provenance: Donated by David Graham in the 1950s.

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The Graham Bookplate Collection; bookplates collected by David H Graham. [1500-1950s] / Various artists :[Australian bookplates collected by David H Graham].
34 b&w art print(s) on bookplates., Bookplates, Engravings, etchings
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