Robley, Horatio Gordon 1840-1930 :Plan, early 30th [April], Gate Pa, Tauranga, 1864.

Robley, Horatio Gordon, 1840-1930

Across the top of the picture, a plan view of the trenches in two sections of Gate Pa, with trench to swamp and water on both sides, breach in palisade, connecting trench and outer palisade shown. Across the centre 'Front view 28 April - that night I crossed at low water to rear of Gate. Mission land', showing a long palisade with a flag flying above it. Below are three drawings. On the left, a cross-section of the interior of the pa, showing several Maori men inside dug-out trenches, marked 'covered way', 'centre shelter', 'rear' (with flag flying beyond). In the centre, detail of the palisade. On the right 'Fighting flag in rear', the Ngai Te Rangi flag, showing a white cross, crescent and star on a red ground. Below, right, a small plan view of pa showing position of palisade on plan and position of traverse or cross-section. Also notes below giving dimensions and a key to the position of covered passages and a crossed sword symbol showing the 'place of assault'. An additional note, bottom left: 'I would be glad if some of the warriors wd see [if] it was correct. H G Robley'

See also a more finished version a A-033-008. The version at A-033-008-1 appears to have been done on the spot on roughly-creased brown paper, and sketched hurriedly.

Quantity: 1 drawing(s).

Physical Description: Ink & wash drawing on brown paper, 300 x 365 mm (irregular)

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1 drawing(s), Works of art, Wash drawings, Ink & wash drawing on brown paper, 300 x 365 mm (irregular), Orientation: Horizontal image
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