Hubbard, Jim, 1949- :[Nine early 2002 cartoons] Otago Daily Times. 2002.

Hubbard, James, 1949-; Otago daily times (Newspaper)

9 cartoons on political and social subjects published in the Otago Daily Times.

Comment on the salacious interest some men have in watching professional tennis player - Kournikova - play on television.

Shows two executives discuss the types of projects prisoners are seeking student loans for.

Shows Air NZ's logo pointing to the sky as comment on their fare increases.

Comment on the security measures taken by Police during the NZ Golf Open where American Tiger Woods appeared.

An Air NZ representative trys to interest Tiger Woods in buying the ailing airline.

Shows representatives of the clergy, the NZ Golf Open organisers, the public and the liquor, food and catering industry praying for Tiger Woods todo better in the Tournament.

Shows Tiger Woods as a tiger being dragged around the field by the leaders of the NZ Golf Open.

Shows NZs border security being distracted by the NZ Golf Open and Tiger Woods and unwittingly letting into the country a Tamil Tiger Guerilla.

Shows Prince Charles talking to a dope plant, urging it to stay away from his son, Prince Harry, in the future.

Shows poor security within the NZ Army.

Shows a set of NZ Cricket uniforms being collected from the drycleaners. The tops have big hearts on them that the drycleaner assure the NZ Cricket rep. are just perspiration stains. Refers to how well the Black Caps have been playing recently.

Shows the gap in wealth between Lotto gamblers, ACC lump sum recipients and victims who have been awarded criminal reparation.

Shows two Maori youth wearing clothes covered in labels and logos. A newspaper headline says that $1 million will go toward developing a Maori trademark. The youths wonder why.

Shows a daylight robbery by Creative NZ from a bank.

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Physical Description: A4 size photocopies.

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