Swimmer Abla Khairy, Pyramids, and tent makers, Egypt


Photographs relating to the young Egyptian woman swimmer, Abla Khairy. These include her swimming in the Gezira Club's swimming pool, and portraits of her.

Details of the monuments of ancient Egypt include the Ramesseum, Karnak Temple Luxor, and the Pyramid of Cheops.

Tentmakers working on colourful applique embroidered tents.

Photographs taken by John Feeney from 1975 to 1986.

Photographs of swimmer Abla Khairy, were taken to illustrate an article on her, written by Anthony Hogan and published in Saudi Aramco World May/June 1975. In August 1974 Khairy, aged 13, swam the English Channel.

Tentmaker photographs probably relate to an article by John Feeney published in Saudi Aramco World November/December 1986. Illustrations were by Theresa Le Bas and John Feeney.

Quantity: 19 colour original transparency/ies.

Physical Description: Dye coupler tranparencies, 35mm, mounted

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Feeney, John Patrick, 1922-2006 :Photographs
19 colour original transparency/ies, Transparencies, Dye coupler tranparencies, 35mm, mounted
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