Scott, Tom, 1947- :74 cartoon bromides published in the Evening Post between 1 May 2000 and 31 August, 2000.

Scott, Thomas Joseph, 1947-
74 cartoons on political and social issues. The topics include National Party style ('radical conservatism'), political aspects of the ban on native forest logging on the West Coast, bribery and corruption in international cricket, softening of the macho image of Super 12 Players, the fatal shooting Steven Wallace by police in Waitara, email viruses, underage drinking, tax on cigarettes, greenhouse gas emission control, the entrenched position of Christine Rankin, Head of WINZ, television presenter Paul Holmes, the sale of the cell phone spectrum to Maori, Americas' Cup yachtsmen, the rebel coup in Fiji, prisoners' rights, All Black rugby, Maori activisim and cultural sensitivites, the falling New Zealand dollar, falling business confidence, the Employments Contracts Act, the legal staus of cannabis, the Coalition between the Labour Party and Alliance, the flight of underpaid and overworked young doctors from New Zealand, unseasonable weather, the meeting between the Presidents of North and South Korea, the Budget, the Government's 'Closing the Gaps' policy, underfunding of the army, muck-raking by ACT politician Richard Prebble, drugs in sport, the takeover by Qantas of Ansett New Zealand, political scandal and the sacking of Dover Samuels as Minister of Maori Affairs, child abuse, dangerous driving by truck drivers, the conflict over Israel, the dangers of excusing away mental illness, Helen Clark's leadership style, alcohol and sportsmen, railway accidents, republicism and Tandor Nancos of the Green Party, the Bledisloe Cup, cannabis use, forest fires in the United States, extended sittings in Parliament, the Employment Relations Bill, speed limits, the loss of Kursk, the Russian submarine, defence expenditure, controversy over Maori domestic violence, rising petrol prices. Quantity: 74 cartoon bromide(s). Physical Description: A4 horizontal bromides
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74 cartoon bromide(s), Works of art, Ink drawings, Cartoons (Commentary), A4 horizontal bromides
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