Wilson & Horton (Firm) :"Called back" ; Captain Cook in Auckland, 1895. Wilson & Horton, lith. Auckland, Wilson & Horton, 1895.

Wilson & Horton (Firm)

A central circular section showing a startled Captain James Cook, observing 'the new woman' riding a bicycle in the streets of Auckland, Surrounding this is a series of other cartoons, each with a few lines of doggerel. No. 2 shows the Auckland Stock Exchange with a crowd outside, as a goldmine's shares are floated. No. 3 shows Cook reading a notice outside a tobacconist's shop indicating that it is closed. No. 5 shows a Chinese greengrocer selling vegetables, with negative comments from Cook. No. 6 shows him eying a "captain Cooker' pig through his telescope. No. 7. comments on the fact that women have the right to vote, but have lost their 'modest grace and quiet ways'. No. 8 shows him reading the Weekly News and being impressed by its quality. No. 9 shows 'a Maori dude' startling Cook, with the contrast of his moko and elegant clothing, while Cook rushes back to his ship.

Supplement to: Auckland Weekly News, Christmas number, 14th December, 1895.

--Same 2nd copy.

One of three chromolithographs on the same sheet

Quantity: 1 colour art print(s).

Physical Description: Chromolithograph, 378 x 252 mm

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Partly restricted - Curator required
1 colour art print(s), Works of art, Chromolithograph, 378 x 252 mm
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