Scott, Tom, 1947- :80 cartoon bromides published in the Evening Post between 1 September 2000 and 22 December 2000.

Scott, Thomas Joseph, 1947-

80 cartoons on political and social issues. The topics include Laila Harre and views on liberalisation of cannabis laws, Helen Clark asserts authority over Ms Turia, Maori and pakeha racial guilt and shame, Ms Turia reluctantly apologises for 'holocaust' comments, Dr Cullen ponders low business confidence as Grouch Marxist, Timor's Indepencence birthday celebrations destroyed by violence, Fijian-Indian refugees in Fiji following coup, political posturing over Treaty of Waitangi clause in free trade agreement with Singapore, US dollar blasts kiwi dollar, Sydney 2000 Olympics begin, Winston Peters plays the race card in the hopes of raising his popularity, Olympic swimming athletes get the once over by their female onlookers, Australian-New Zealand currency merger proposal, Prebble gets axed by Jenny Shipley, Kiwi dollar low and oil prices high, New Zealand is best at all the wrong things, sports couch potatoes, Milosevic runs for the presidency, US dollars gains steam with President Clinton in charge, women's performance at the Olympics, political awards, NZ toasts the Olympics, army peace keepers get pay review by Clark, 3 Middle East faiths based on love and compassion unable to share sacred site, Don Brash fails the Kiwi dollar, Clark and Milosevic relations, Israeli and Palestinian relations, court call for accountability of parole officers, NZ cricket sports fan still in the dark, NZ dollar down - sharemarket down - petrol prices up, Middle East pro-war protest singer, Clinton attempts to negotiate Middle East and National Party crises, Mr Mudgeway in padded cell waiting for big NZ sports win, rural economy on the up for farmers, Swain and Horomia on ownership of the Taranaki oil and gas fields, Lions rugby team claim the Air New Zealand trophy, Clark seeks an alliance with big business, Clark's alliance with big bisiness consumated, one-tree-hill pine tree felled along with Mike Smith, same-sex marriages, Clark preparing to kneecap Ruth Dyson for Norm Hewitt comments, Property Bill, Dyson resigns over drunk driving incident, purity pledge, cricket match-fixing, support for Paul Holmes' salary, lack of real choice in US presidential elections, NZ Melbourne Cup race winner, US election results on a knife edge, boxing - Lennox vs Tua, All Blacks beat France, Lennox Lewis vs David Tua boxing fight, US presidential election goes to court, English strung up as heretic, Tipene O'Reagan let's nature take its course with stranded whales, Labour Party victory conference, CNN backgrounds the US election count process, petrol prices high, US presidential election fought out on American flag, George Hawkins' suggested cost cutting measures for the Police, National Party leadership based on personality deficit of Bill English, George W. Bush wins Florida, Clarks preparation for Waitangi Day, Tainui iwi's new grievance cycle, Mrs Mudgeway's son hopes to qualify for ACC compensation, Clinton is back as President?, the new and the old All Black diet, signs of recovery in NZ economy being hidden from Don Brash, NZ/Australia defence spending and policies, Hawkins hands out pornography to Police to cut phone-sex costs, being a modern day All Black, Clark and Cullen's popularity increases, Simon Upton departs the National Party, obituary to reporter Mike Robson, America - where every judge counts in becoming President, Clark still unable to apologise to Dover Samuel, cricket at the Basin Reserve for Boxing Day test, petrol war, Anderton and Bunkle over question of where Phillida resides, Paul Holmes CD for Christmas makes Granddad throw-up.

Quantity: 80 cartoon bromide(s).

Physical Description: A4 horizontal bromides

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80 cartoon bromide(s), Works of art, Ink drawings, Cartoons (Commentary), A4 horizontal bromides
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