Scott, Thomas, 1947- :[23 copies of cartoons published in the Evening Post between 1 and 31 August 2001.]

Scott, Thomas Joseph, 1947-; Evening Post (Wellington, N.Z.)

Cartoons on political and social issues, includes:

Shows scientists' adhock research into the potential uses of genetic modification at the expense of commonsense.

Comment on the intimidation tactics of Qantas Airlines toward Air New Zealand. Singapore Airlines are shown as Air New Zealands big sister ally.

Christine Rankin considers taking further action following the release of the Employment Courts findings.

Shows the Government (surfer) riding the knowledge wave only to be wiped out and lodged head first in the sand.

Discussion between an Israeli soldier and Palestinian child. The soldier is trying to explain to the child how violence and retaliation works. The child just wants to play and go to the movies.

Shows Helen Clark dealing with Steve Maharey and his use of obscene language.

Shows members of the Electoral Reform Committee as angelic, working for the best interests of the country while having vested interests in the Committees outcome.

Helen Clark calls on the All Blacks to crush the Australians while they've down.

New Zealand reaction to the loss by the All Blacks to the Australians.

Shows All Black Anton Oliver taking the blame for the loss against Australia.

Comment on the Qantas involvement in running Ansett into the ground and leaving small creditors in ruins.

Comment on the lack of constructive action being taken by the Pacific Forum to deal with global warming and the consequent rising of the ocean level.

Shows Helen Clark encouraging all her Ministers to keep pets. Jim Anderton is shown wrapped in the arms of his pet octupus (Peoples' Bank).

Shows West Coast MP, Damien O'Connor, addressing an audience about local mining and the poor decision made by Alliance MP Sandra Lee. He is reminded by a miner in the wings that his seat is still marginal.

Shows Jim Anderton and Sandra Lee observing the Reefton Alliance office being pelted with food in reaction to Sandra Lee saying 'no' to mine expansion in the area.

Shows a new army armoured vehicle running over an air force plane. Comment on the current situation where the armies supplies are being boosted while the air force is having its wings clipped.

Shows thugs from the power company breaking into a persons house to extract money for the latest exorbitant power bill.

Shows an All Black player finishing a Springbok (South African Rugby Team) and still feeling hungry. He thinks he could polish off the entire Australian Rugby Team (Wallabies) as well.

Shows the relationship between government controlled power generators, empty lakes and increased revenue for power for the Reserve Bank.

Shows a proposed statue for the entrance of the Sydney Harbour. Comment on Australia's policy to exclude refugees.

Shows Michelle Boag's National Party purge of Parliamentary faithful.

Comment on the level of ignorant public opinion over the boat people refugees trying to gain entry to Australia, by people ringing talkback radio.

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Date: 2001 From: Scott, Thomas, 1947- :[23 copies of cartoons published in the Evening Post between 1 and 31 August 2001.] Ref: H-673-046 Description: Exhibition caption reads - In September 2001, the Australian government's refusal to let 438 mainly Afghan refugees land on Australian soil, after they had b...