McFarlane, Francis Ledingham, 1888-1948 :Scene on P5 and barges, River Tigris, May /16 [1916]


Ink sketch shows a paddle steamer at the left, drawn up beside a lower barge at the right on which three New Zealanders and their horses are waiting. The text reads:

NZer (on barge): "Any room up there, old boy?"

The "Old Boy" (six months' service): "Do you know whom your [sic] addressing?"

N.Z.: "No"

The "Old Boy": Well! I'm an officah, and a regulah, and we regulahs don't like "Old Boy""

(N.Z. subsides)

The paddle steamer could be a P50 rather than a P5. See "A naval history of World War I", by Paul G. Halpern (1995), page 131.

Quantity: 1 drawing(s).

Physical Description: Ink drawing on page, 140 x 230 mm.

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McFarlane, Francis Ledingham, 1888-1948 :[Sketches from war service in India and the Middle East, 1919-1918] / F L McFarlane / McFarlane, Francis Ledingham, 1888-1948 :Some Mesopotamian and other memories, New Zealand Wireless Troop, No. 1 pack / F.L. McF. [1916-1918]
1 drawing(s), Works of art, Ink drawings, Sketches, Humorous pictures, Ink drawing on page, 140 x 230 mm., Orientation: Horizontal image
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