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Ablett, L A, active 1928-1951; Aickin, Edward George, 1889-1951; Allan, J (Mrs), active 1928; Allen, James (Sir), 1855-1942; Ambury, Joseph, active 1928; Amery, Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett, 1873-1955; Armstrong, Rupert Ashley, active 1920-1938; Balneavis, Henare Te Raumoa Huatahi, 1880-1940; Bell, H Alan, active 1928; Bible in State Schools League of New Zealand; Bollard, Louisa, -1952; Bull, James, 1866-1946; Cameron, Donald, active 1928; Carroll, Turi (Sir), 1890-1975; Cheeseman, Rosetta, 1857-1931; Christie, James, 1880-1960; Clark, Edward Henry, 1870-1932; Clark, Fred, active 1928; Coates, William, active 1928; Corson, Thomas Allan Napier, 1902-1972; Coyle, Percy, active 1920-1959; Cumming, W, active 1928; Edgelar, Kathleen, active 1928; Furkert, Frederick William, 1876-1949; Giesen, Herbert W, active 1928; Gordon, Ettie Maxwell, active 1928; Graydon, E J, active 1928; Hampton, Richard, 1880-1955; Harper, Arthur Paul, 1865-1955; Harris, S T, active 1928; Harsent, Alice, active 1928; Hawera star (Newspaper); Hayes, Robert Edward, 1869-; Hebenton, D, active 1928; Herangi, Te Kirihaehae Te Puea (Princess), 1883-1952; Higgins, John, 1864-1946; Hilgendorf, Frederick William, 1874-1942; Hull, Francis, 1849-1933; Hutchinson, A J, active 1928; J M Jefferson (Sydney, N.S.W.); James, Percival Ernest (Rev), 1883-1958; Jeffery, Cecil Albert, 1888-1970; Johnston, Harold Featherston (Sir), 1875-1959; Kahungunu Association; Keesing, E, active 1928; King, Allan, active 1928; King, Frederic Truby (Sir), 1858-1938; Kobayashi, S, active 1928; Le Grove, Herbert Edwin, 1877?-1932; Lockington, Harry Aloysius, -1958; Loveday, Bert, active 1928; Luke, John Pearce (Sir), 1858-1931; Lundon, John Raphael, 1868-1957; Machin, William, 1879-1958; Matthews, J J, active 1928; McCarroll, Jim N, active 1928; McKenzie, Kenneth, active 1914-1928; McLean, Joseph, active 1928; McLennan, J W, active 1928; McMurdo, Henry Edward Fitzgerald, -1940; McNickle, William, 1867-1936; Moriarty, T, active 1928; Murray, F L, active 1928; Neave, K, active 1928; New Zealand Railways; Wheat Research Institute (N.Z.); New Zealand. Native Trust Department; New Zealand. Post and Telegraph Department; New Zealand. Public Works Department; Paape, Arthur Albert, 1878-1948; Phillips, W A, active 1928; Potter, R H A, active 1928; Potter, V H, active 1928; Powell, C F, active 1928; Quayle, D, active 1928; Reform Party (1905-1935); Robinson, Henry Charles Lancelot, 1873-1934; Schmidt, Harold, active 1940s; Seccombe, Thomas, active 1928; Sim, Honor, active 1928; Smith, Jesse Richards, 1889-1963; Stewart, P McG, active 1928; Sycamore, J W, active 1928; Te Akarana Māori Association; Todd, Thomas, active 1928; Tripp, Leonard Owen Howard, 1862-1957; Tweed, Martin Baird Moore (Dr), 1890-1974; Valintine, Thomas Harcourt Ambrose, 1865-1945; Waddell, William, 1868-1946; Wake, T, active 1928; Walton, Edward A, active 1928; War Relief Association of Wellington

Inward and outward correspondence; most correspondents identified and entered in the Name field. Also includes letters from Julian K[?], Cosworthy, Ashburton and Capt Bertichochner at the New Zealand Herald.

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Coates, Joseph Gordon, 1878-1943 : Papers / 5 Correspondence files
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