Various artists :[New Zealand, American and Australian bookplates collected by Johannes Andersen. 1800-1900s. Box 8]

1900 - 1950

Contains bookplates:

Roy Davies. Henry R Crammond (2 copies)

Sidney H Sime. R H Croll (cut by Roy Davies)

P Neville Barnett. Gladys McGillicuddy (nee Barnett) 1923

P Neville Barnett. Alison Ellis. 1923

P Neville Barnett. George L Garnsey. 1924

A/U. Lyster Ormsby. 1923

P Neville Barnett. Basil R Orr. 1929

P Neville Barnett. Phyllis Ellis. 1923.

P Neville Barnett. James R Tyrrell. 1924.

P Neville Barnett. P N Barnett. 1923

P Neville Barnett. Mollie [and] Gerald Walters. 1923

P Neville Barnett. Alan & Hilary Wilshire. 1923.

Karna Birmingham. Ernest Price. 1928.

P Neville Barnett. M A Allen

Eric Thake. P Neville Barnett. 1933

P Neville Barnett. Barbara Constance Barnett. 1923

P Neville Barnett. C J H Barnett (design by Roy Davies) (Barnett's first lino cut, 1923)

P Neville Barnett. M C I Barnett. 1923

P Neville Barnett.. Charles Bryant (marine artist). 1924

P Neville Barnett. R Buchanan. 1929

P Neville Barnett. B B Levick. 1923

P Neville Barnett. Fred Hiley. 1923

G W E. Percy Neville Barnett. 1914

P Neville Barnett. P Neville Barnett. n.d.

P Neville Barnett. C Hepburn. 1924.

P Neville Barnett. Phyllis Hilder. 1923

Arthur Hess. [Cyrillic name]

F Volesky. Bretislav Dmych. 1913

A/U. The Book Society

L Roy Davies. H H Schlink [n.d.]

L Roy Davies. Royal Australian Historical Society

A/U. Percy J Marks [1932?]

Bridgman. Jean Alexander [1920-1930s?]

L Roy Davies. Colin P Earle

L Roy Davies. Clifford Farr

L Roy Davies. H D Jennings

L Roy Davies. Hartley MacAllister (2 versions, I black, one grey ink)

L Roy Davies. Rhoda S Kettlewell

A/U. Presented by Swedenborg Society (Incorporated) Instituted in London 1810; incorporated 1925. (Presented to the Turnbull Library in 1930)

A/U. Dr Prof. Fr. Pospisil

H V Justelius. David Adamson [1920s?]

H V Justelius. F Lake. 1927.

L Roy Davies. Florence Lynch (2 copies)

Bernard Hesling. Harold Crompton (showing cricket players)

Adrian Feint. Royal Colonial Institute. 1927

S Sz K. Rose Reinhold

A/U. Dr Arady Kalman. 1931

Sam Harris. David H Graham [1950 or before]

Aiglon. Harsanyi Kalman Konyve. 1910

Complements the Andersen Bookplate Collection in the Auckland Public Library. Auckland's collection has a greater New Zealand content, whilst the Alexander Turnbull Library's collection, has more emphasis on Australian bookplates.

Quantity: 49 colour photo-mechanical print(s) (bookplates).

Physical Description: Prints, coloured, and black & white

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Various artists :[New Zealand and Australian bookplates collected by Johannes Andersen. 1800-1900s]. / Various artists :[New Zealand and Australian bookplates collected by Johannes Andersen. 1800-1900s].
49 colour photo-mechanical print(s) (bookplates), Bookplates, Engravings, Prints, coloured, and black & white, Orientation: Vertical image
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