Mayne, William Thomas, 1910-1988 :490 original cartoons published in the Christchurch Star Sun and the Christchurch Star Sun Sports between 1954 and 1962.

1950 - 1960
Mayne, William Thomas, 1910-1988

The majority of Tom Mayne's cartoons are concerned with the day-to-day events for ordinary Christchurch people in the 1950s and 1960s. Many are about the vagaries of the seasons, the hot weather, summer holidays, grumpy farmers, the cost of living, the relief of sending the kids back to school, wives being annoyed with lazy husbands, the excitement of the Springbok Tour of 1956, duckshooting, the miseries and delights of men avoiding gardening chores, men in sheds. Many deal with local body politics, road rules and traffic problems.

A smaller number of the cartoons deal with larger New Zealand political issues like the 1957 Labour 'black budget' of Nash and Nordmeyer and the effect the taxes had on working people. There are a few cartoons dealing with wider world issues like the Cold War and the desire for peace.

Tom Mayne puts himself into several cartoons. He is seen in A-387-108; A-387-126; and A-387-134, as examples

There is also a small collection of ephemeral material, incomplete cartoons, a little watercolour of Momorangi Bay etc.

Arrangement: Those cartoons which are dated, are arranged by date; this group is numbered A-386-001/208. They start at -001 with a few second World War cartoons and then continue, grouped by year, from 1953 to 1960. Approximately half of the cartoons are not dated and so are arranged in groups. The first group consists of 78 sports cartoons; these are numbered A-387-001/078. The next group is 'Mayne Topics' which are a single cartoon with three or four small vignettes of topical interest; these are numbered A-387-079/123. The remainder of the cartoons are arranged by topic more or less alphabetically; ie. advertising, agriculture etc.

In 1954 Tom Mayne was invited by what was then called the Christchurch Star Sun to submit four cartoons a week with the proviso that only one or two might be used. He found his forte drawing sports cartoons, especially rugby, and began doing a full front page cartoon in the Saturday Sports edition of the newspaper.

Quantity: 490 original cartoon(s).

Physical Description: Ink, crayon, pencil and letratone on paper, sizes approximately 200 x 250 mm.

Provenance: Donated by Mrs Margaret Mayne, his widow.

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490 original cartoon(s), Works of art, Ink drawings, Cartoons (Commentary), Caricatures, Ink, crayon, pencil and letratone on paper, sizes approximately 200 x 250 mm.
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