Lodge, Nevile Sidney, 1918-1989 :'I think you boys had better go into orbit - your father's just run into your Friendship 7 and I think he's going to blast off any minute'. 23 February, 1962


The scene is a living room in the '60s. Through the window father has returned from work and turned his car into the drive only to crash into a wooden structure built by her two boys that represents 'Friendship 7'. The man is furious and the mother observing the scene through the window advises the boys to 'go into orbit' before their father comes inside. The boys are on the floor looking at a newspaper article entitled 'Glenn - the air hero'. John Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth in the Mercury spacecraft 'Friendship 7'. The space flight lasted 4 hours and 55 minutes. "Friendship 7" landed in the Atlantic Ocean.

Text is in pencil beneath the cartoon.

Quantity: 1 original cartoon(s).

Physical Description: Ink, crayon and letratone on paper, 280 x 380 mm

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Lodge, Nevile Sidney 1918-1989 :[Archive of original cartoons for the Evening Post and Sports Post, 1941 to 1988] / Lodge, Nevile Sidney 1918-1989 :[Cartoons for the Evening Post, 1962]
1 original cartoon(s), Works of art, Ink drawings, Cartoons (Commentary), Ink, crayon and letratone on paper, 280 x 380 mm, Orientation: Horizontal image
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