[Ephemera, pamphlets about politics and cards promoting political candidates in elections. 1900-1909].

1900 - 1909
Johnson, E J D, active 1890s-1900s
Includes pamphlets featuring: Post 1892: The Liberal editor's creed. Printed by E J D Johnson, printer, Willis Street, Wellington. 1900: Progressive Liberal Association (Christchurch) manifesto, December 1900. Ca 1900: Grey Lynn Radical Association. Constitution 1902: What has Atkinson done? What Atkinson hopes to do 1903: John Miles Verrall. State bank versus state bonds and the Bank of New Zealand 1903: The record premiership of New Zealand. Invitation to celebrate Seddon's 10th year as PM. 1905: J F Arnold, Progressive Liberal Labour candidate, for Mornington 1905: W H P Barber - Newtown Parliamentry election. Card with portrait, plus flier. 1905: Newtown election. Dr and Mrs Chapple will address the ladies of Kilbirnie. (Card and 2 copies of flier) 1905: Christchurch South electorate. Mr J Hadfield, a slave to no party. Pamphlet with portrait. 1905: Jas T Hogan, political candidate. Card with portrait. 1905: C H Izard, Liberal candidate in Wellington North. Postcard with portrait. 1905: E G B Moss. Address to the electors of Ohinemuri 1905: George M Yerex. Clean politics and the issues of today 1905: Pamphlet about the New Zealand Alliance (No-License, Liquor laws, etc) 1905: The new libel law. Letter to the editor of the Evening Post, 31 October 1905. 1905: Cartoon. The "Terrible Taylor" and his marionettes. From "Hustler" - issued with. 1905: Supplement to "Liberal herald", 1 September 1905. The Auditor-General's report. NO VOUCHER; no payment to Captain Seddon. Signed J K Warburton 1905: Yerex versus London. Chronicle Print, Petone [Flyer. 1905] 1906: Hon Sir W R Russell. Postcard with portrait. 1907: C H Wildsmith. To the electors of Lower Hutt. 1908: F G Bolton. Wellington North election. Postcard with portrait (2 copies) 1908: Is British fair play dead? Signed F G Bolton C Boxshall, the Opposition candidate, Christchurch East. Card with portrait. 1908: Vote for Charlie Izard (cardboard key) 1908: I voted for Fisher; I wish I had. Postcard 1908: R W Short, Hutt electorate. Postcard with portrait 1908?: Mr T E Taylor and the wage-earners 1908: General election; Great national policy. Low rents, high wages, cheap commodities, no unemployed, no strikes, abundant wealth for al. A catechism by E T Evans (Pamphlet. 2 copies) 1909: Sir Joseph in London. Postcard. Quantity: 31 b&w photo-mechanical print(s). Physical Description: Lithographs and letterpress on cards and pamphlets, sizes varying
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31 b&w photo-mechanical print(s), Ephemera, Letterpress works, Pamphlets, Lithographs and letterpress on cards and pamphlets, sizes varying
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[Postcard]. I voted for Fisher; I wish I had / City Printing Co[mpan]y, Wellington. [1908]
Date: 1908 From: [Ephemera, pamphlets about politics and cards promoting political candidates in elections. 1900-1909]. By: City Printing Company Description: Shows convertable portrait, which can be view both ways up, one way showing a happy voter (who voted for Mr F M Fisher in 1905 for Wellington Central elector...
Newtown election. To-night address the electors of Kelburne, on Tuesday, Nov. 21, at the tea kiosk To-night. Hornblow, printer [1905].
Date: 1905 From: [Ephemera, pamphlets about politics and cards promoting political candidates in elections. 1900-1909]. By: Hornblow, Andrew Reed, 1870-1961 Description: An arrangement of text, with the motif of a small figure in tuxedo, pointing. Other Titles - Tonight Quantity: 1 bw art print(s). Physical Description: Le...
Melvin, Malcolm, fl 1909 :Sir Joseph in London. 1909. [Postcard].
Date: 1909 By: Melvin, Malcolm, active 1905-1909; Benson, R (Miss), active 1969 Description: Shows scenes from the visit of Sir Joseph Ward to London: Joe meets the King; Queen Alexandra thinks Joe is just the cutest she has ever met; the Prince of W...