Tremain, Garrick 1941- :Cartoons published in the Otago Daily Times 17 May to 15 June, 2001.

Tremain, Garrick, 1941-; Otago daily times (Newspaper)

25 cartoons on political and social subjects published in the Otago Daily Times.

Human rights violations in China

China's successful bid for Olympic games

Government's 'closing the gaps' policy

Badly maintained rental housing

Horomia Parekura as landlord in rundown housing

Government pressure on Maori Affairs Ministers to prode adequate housing as a landlord

Media interest in Christine Rankin, CEO of Work and Income NZ

'ENZA' takes a greedy amount of resources

Government policy on smacking children

NZ Post Board conflicts

Helen Clark worries about her profile falling in the wake of high publicity given to the Christine Rankin case

Slobadan Milosevic misbehaves at the War Crimes Tribunal

Women throughout NZ dress in Christine Rankin style to express their solidarity

Flu grips New Zealanders

Does Christine Rankin dress appropriately or is she a victim of a personal vendetta?

Paralells between Christine Rankin and the Barbie Doll

Wilful destruction of Tranzrail by Executives

State Services Minister uses Auditor General to track Health Board payouts

Moari make ready for the Maori TV channel

The UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan calls for peace between the Israel and the Palestine

Electricity Reforms lead to power cuts

Jim Anderton draws a paralell between Laila Harre's ambition within the Alliance and being a witch

Weight loss patches

National popularity languishes following the replacement of Jenny Shipley as leader

President Bush embraces missile proliferation

Helen Clark absorbs the high praise given her throughout the Pacific Region

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