Various artists :[Australian bookplates commissioned by persons whose names begin with the letters O through to S, collected by David Graham. 19-- - 1950s].

1900 - 1960
Barnett, Percy Neville, 1881-1953; Christie, Connie, active 1940s-1950s; Cobb, Victor Ernest, 1876-1945; Davies, Lewis Roy, 1897-1979; Feint, Adrian, 1894-1971; Godson, John Barclay, 1882-1957; Hopson, William Fowler, 1849-1935; Lindsay, Lionel Arthur (Sir), 1874-1961; Lindsay, Norman Alfred William, 1879-1969; Litchfield, Phillip M, active 1920s-1930s; Mahony, Francis William, 1905-1989; Mailey, Arthur Alfred, 1890-; Minns, Benjamin Edwin, 1864-1937; Ogilvie, Helen, active 1930s; O'Harris, Pixie, 1903-1991; Palmer, Ethleen Mary, 1906-1958; Souter, David Henry, 1862-1935; Thake, Eric Prentice Anchor, 1904-1982; Van Raalte, Henri Benedictus, 1881-1929; Walker, Francis Sidney, 1888-1972; Wiseman, Hilda Alexandra, 1894-1982

Arranged in boxes alphabetically according to the name of the person for whom the plate was made.

Contains plates made for:

Margaret O'Grady

Pat O'Harris (by Pixie O'Harris, 1928)

Lyster Ormsby (3 bookplates, 1 by A B, 2 by artist unknown, 1 of which reads "Lyster Omsby, Antiquary, 26 Hunter Street")

Basil R Orr (by Percy Neville Barnett, 1930)

John Oxley

W Stewart Page (by Will M, possibly Will Mahony, picturing 2 men on horses and a dog rounding up sheep)

B H Palmer (possibly by Ethleen Palmer)

R Parkinson (possibly by Norman Lindsay)

Pauline (possibly by Ernest Warner or Edward Warner, 1931)

N Pearson

Noel Pearson (2 bookplates, 1 with name of the artist illegible, possibly Vic Cm Aron, 1927, 1 by A M, possibly Arthur Mailey, featuring a cricketing cartoon)

Max Pemberton (possibly by Connie Christie)

Ruth Penfold (2 bookplates, 1 by G D P, possibly George D Perrottet, 1 by F Sidney Walker, 1933)

A M Perrottet

George Perrottet (1 by Hilda Wiseman, 2 by artists unknown, 1 featuring a caricature, possibly of the owner)

Muriel Perrottet (by "H", possibly Helen Ogilvie, featuring a flower, possibly a hibiscus)

E E Pescott (writing below image reads "Type design by S R Simmons")

Philip (featuring the words "Philip's book" and the initials P O H or F O H, though it is not clear whether these are the initials of the artist or the owner)

H E Phillipson (by W R J, possibly Robert Johnson)

Eden Philpotts (by "B", possibly Frank Brangwyn)

Stanley Raymond Phippard (possibly by Nan Davies, 1922)

Phyllis (2 identical bookplates, by P N B, possibly Percy Neville Barnett)

Ralph R Pilkington (by artist unknown. R Pilkington's name is handwritten on the bookplate in pen)

L L Politzer (possibly by Victor Cobb)

Louis Politzer (note on the back of the bookplate reads "from Louis Politzer", but it is not clear whether this indicates he is the artist or the donor of the bookplate in addition to being the subject)

Mabel Dickinson Pond (by W F H, 1915)

Dorothy Porter (by Pixie O'Harris, featuring an ornately dressed lady and a man, possibly a servant, bearing a book upon a cushion)

Edith Potter (name of the artist illegible, possibly Moppen, 1934. Includes the words "Ich liebe die fleinen Bewohner dec Luft")

John Preece (by L L, possibly Lionel Lindsay, 1928, picturing archers shooting at flying books)

John L Preece (by Henri Benedictus Van Raalte)

Winward Prescott (including the words "Short Story Collection", and picturing 2 nudes under a microscope)

Thea Proctor (owner is also possibly the artist)

Alan Queale (by N S, possibly N Suhr or N Suhn. Picturing a pirate or similar figure reading a book, having presumably taken the book from a chest full of them at his feet)

B R R (2 bookplates, both possibly by Eric Thake)

Jeanie Ranken (by A F. Wording of the bookplate reads "Jeanie Ranken; In Her Memory", and pictured is a hand holding a book entitled "Drama". Note on the back of bookplate reads "Hagley" or "Hagly")

C L Regan (by J G, possibly John Barclay Godson. Includes a heraldic emblem with the word "Riverview")

Geoffrey R Rex (by Phillip M Litchfield, 1926)

Alan P Rigby (by Will Mahony. Features caricature of a man, possibly Alan P Rigby)

Vere Ritchie (by L Roy Davies)

Christine Rivett (by Phillip M Litchfield)

Ewing Rixson (by Adrian Feint. Including maps of Australia, United States, Scandinavia, France and New Zealand, and emblems reading "Northwestern University, 1851" and "Royal Geographical Society, 1830)

Arthur Robinson (by P N B, possibly Percy Neville Barnett)

Royal Colonial Institute (including the words "British Isles" and "United Empire" and a map highlighting Canada, India, Africa and Australia

Lucy McCowan Russell (possibly by Eric Thake, picturing a crowd before a closed theatre curtain, upon which are spotlighted the initials "T T")

W L Russell (a note on the back of the bookplate reads "from Louis Politzer", though it is not made clear whether this is the artist or donor. Pictured is a mother Kangaroo reading a book to a joey in her pouch)

A S (2 bookplates, possibly made for Sir Alfred Stephen)

Y N Y S (by Roy Davies)

Sacre Coeur + Burke Road (by Adrian Feint. The bookplate reads "Sacre Coeur + Burke Road; Malvern" and pictured is a driveway leading to a stately 3 storey building. Possibly refers to Sacre Coeur, Catholic Girl's School in Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia)

St Sophia's Library (note on the back of bookplate reads "Hagley")

Sally (possibly by George D Perrottet. Pictured is a man with spears and a shield in an outdoor setting at night, possibly representing an aboriginal hunter conducting a form of ceremony)

H H Schlink (by R D, possibly Roy Davies, featuring an airborn downhill skier)

Aimee Selby (by G D Perrottet, possibly George D Perrottet)

E York Seymour (by Adrian Feint)

Grace B Sibley

The Ski Club of Australia (by L Roy Davies, picturing a downhill skier)

Bruce Smith (by Philip M Litchfield, featuring a man fishing with a rod and a net)

C Nigel Smith (by A F)

Charles Kingsford Smith (by George Hartley Brown, 1932, picturing an aeroplane and a giant eagle flying over Australia, with the words "Air Commodore Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, M C, A F C; King of the Air")

S A Smith (by B E Minns. Pictured is 3 Australian Aboriginals, a woman crouching holding a child and a man with a spear and shield defending them, framed by trees, 2 possibly eucalypts and 2 a variety of Xanthorrhoea or "Grasstree")

R M F Smyth (by Geo. Hartley Brown, possibly George Hartley Brown, 1931. Pictured are 2 Australian Aboriginals with a boomerang standing on a book, with the words "Return to...R M F Smyth")

Alexis Grant Souter (by D H S, possibly D H Souter)

Brenda Maisie Souter (by D H Souter)

D H Souter (owner is also possibly the artist)

Jo Sprokkereef (name of the artist illegible, possibly Esmond. Pictured are Snow White and the 7 dwarfs)

L Stenhouse-Huntley (by E S, possibly Edgar Satchell)

Paul Stratmann (2 bookplates, both by artist unknown)

George Sutton (by P M L)

Vincenc Svoboda (name of the owner is illegible, also possibly Iincenc Svoboda)

R A Swan (by "W")

Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Also including the name "I Black" and the date "31 January 1898". Written at the bottom of the bookplate is the instruction that "This label is to be pasted in the book, kept in good order, and not written or scribbled upon in any way")

Quantity: 78 b&w art print(s) on bookplates..

Physical Description: Engravings, etchings

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The Graham Bookplate Collection; bookplates collected by David H Graham. [1500-1950s] / Various artists :[Australian bookplates collected by David H Graham].
78 b&w art print(s) on bookplates., Bookplates, Engravings, etchings
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