Forster, Johann Reinhold, 1729-1798: Nota relativement aux curiosites artificielles qu'on a rapportees de la Mer du Sud

17 Feb 1778
Forster, Johann Reinhold, 1729-1798Forster, Johann Georg Adam, 1754-1794

Manuscript signed by Johann Reinhold Forster and his son Georg Forster, in the handwriting of Georg Forster, which comprises an inventory of artefacts brought back from Captain Cook's second voyage, sorted according to the Pacific Island the objects come from.

See also accompanying material.

Publication - A full transcription was published by Michael Hoare in his edition of Reinhold Forster's journal - Forster, Jean Renaud and George Forster 1982 [1788]. 'Appendix II: Nota relativement aux curiousities Artificelles, qu'on a rapportees de la Mer du Sud', in vol. 4 of Michael E Hoare (ed) The Resolution journal of Johann Reinhold Forster 1772-1775 (4 vols; Hakluyt Society, 2nd series, vol 152-155), London: Hakluyt Society, pp 780-782. A full translation has been published by Ruth Dawson - Dawson, Ruth P 1979. 'Collecting with Cook: The Forsters and their artefact sales', Hawaiian journal of history, vol 13 (1979), pp 5-16. The fullest and most informative edited translation is by Adrienne L Kaeppler 'The Cook Voyage Collection in lorence: Introduction', in Adrienne L. Kaeppler (ed), Cook Voyage Artifacts in Leningrad, Berne and Florence Museums (Bernice P Bishop Museum special publication 66), Honolulu: Bishop Museum Press pp 71-74

Language - With translation supplied by Internal Affairs Translation Service

Other - Previous catalogue reference was Misc MS 1169

Accompanying material - The folder also contains a note on a card that suggests a link between this inventory of rare objects and the sale by the Forsters of some artefacts during this period; and an English translation supplied by the Department of Internal Affairs Translation Service.

Relationship complexity - The manuscript 'Catalogue of curiousities sent to Oxford' which lists the collection the Forsters gave to the University of Oxford in 1776 is held at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, which also holds the collection described

Quantity: 1 folder(s). 0.01 Linear Metres.

Physical Description: Holograph; and typescript English translation.

Provenance: Donor/Lender/Vendor - Purchased Feb 1964

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1 folder(s), 0.01 Linear Metres, Manuscripts, Holograph; and typescript English translation.
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