Correspondence - Algie-Dixon

Algie, J (Mrs), active 1938; Algie, Ronald Macmillan (Sir), 1888-1978; Allen, John Manchester (Major), 1901-1941; Allen, Stephen Shepherd (Sir), 1882-1964; Allingham, Wilfred James, 1917-1995; Army, Navy and Air Force Services Club; Arnold, E C, active 1939; Ashton, J E, active 1939; Attenborrow, S J, active 1938; Auckland Electric Power Board; Ayrton, J T, active 1939; Baldwin of Bewdley, Stanley Baldwin, 1st Earl, 1867-1947; Banks, Donald, active 1938; Batterbee, Harry Fagg (Sir), 1880-1976; Beamish, Francis Evenson, 1875-1942; Bell, George Gordon (Rev), 1887-1945; Block, Nell, active 1938; Bowmar, Dan, active 1939; Browne, G K (Mrs), active 1937; Burke, W L, active 1938; Cameron, Ewen, active 1939; Campbell, Hugh McLean, 1875-1951; Campbell, Richard Mitchelson, 1897-1974; Cannell, J C, active 1939; Carpattes, H, active 1939; Carrington, Carey John, 1876-1966; Chaffey, Leslie Urban, -1960; Coates family; Coates, Duncan, active 1939; Cochrane, B A (Group-Captain), active 1938; Coffey, J J, active 1939; Cooke, Ernie E, active 1939-1941; Curran, H, active 1939; Dalton, Robert (Sir), active 1939; Danks, George, active 1938; Dixon, A G (Mrs), active 1930s; Electric Power Boards & Supply Authorities Association; Eyre, J H, active 1939; Harbutt, Sydney Jefcoate, 1870-1956; Horrell, Henry William Cox, 1876-1960; Jackson, Russell, Tunks & West (Firm); Leggo, J R, active 1934-1939; LePetit, N V, active 1939; Macmillan, Ethel Louisa, -1942; Massey, Helen Sissons Douglas, 1898-1965; Morton, C A, active 1938; New Zealand Freedom Association; Packwood, Roland Harry, 1891?-1972; Park, Alexander Dallas, 1882-1971; Pawson, Frank, active 1939; Saunders, Hugh William Lumsden (Sir), 1894-1987; Semple, Robert, 1873-1955; State Advances Corporation of New Zealand; Street, Arthur William, active 1938; Swain, E W, active 1939; Swinton, Philip Cunliffe-Lister, 1st Earl of, 1884-1972; Todd, D, active 1939; Veitch, William Andrew, 1870-1961

Most correspondents identified and entered in the Name field; several members of the Coates family were not identified

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