Various artists :[New Zealand and Australian bookplates donated by James Berry. 1900s]

Barnett, Percy Neville, 1881-1953; Feint, Adrian, 1894-1971; Berry, Reginald George James, 1906-1979

Contains bookplates made for:

Harry Eyre, Jean Lindsay, H B Muir, John Lane Mullins (by artist V Stuyvaert), Heather McDonald Sutherland, R H Wallace, George L Garnsey (by R B), Arthur Robinson (by Philip Neville Barnett), Alan & Hilary Wilshire (by Philip Neville Barnett), Noel Pearson (by George Collingridge), P Neville Barnett (by Roy Davies), Colin P Carle (by Roy Davies), Henry R Crammond (by Roy Davies), Roy Davies (by Roy Davies), Clifford Farr (by Roy Davies), Florence Lynch (by Roy Davies), Hartley Macallister (by Roy Davies), John Cobley (by Adrian Feint), F C V Lane (by Adrian Feint), H B Muir (by Adrian Feint), John Lane Mullins (by Adrian Feint), C Nigel-Smith (by Adrian Feint), S R Phippard (by Adrian Feint), Peter Tansey 1930 (by Adrian Feint), William Barnes (by Phillip M Litchfield), C A Hardwick (by Phillip M Litchfield), H C Hyland (by Phillip M Litchfield), Bertie Pope (by Phillip M Litchfield), Christine Rivett (by Phillip M Litchfield), Mary Rivett 1928 (by Phillip M Litchfield), Bruce Smith (by Phillip M Litchfield), C Nigel-Smith (by Phillip M Litchfield), F Kingsley Norris (by R Malcolm Warner).

Quantity: 34 colour photo-mechanical print(s) (bookplates).

Physical Description: Prints, coloured, and black & white

Finding Aids: Handwritten inventory in Ephemera Room and Drawings& Prints..

Provenance: Inscription on front cover indicates that the collection came from James Berry who had been given it by David H Graham.

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34 colour photo-mechanical print(s) (bookplates), Bookplates, Engravings, Prints, coloured, and black & white, Orientation: Vertical image
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