Various artists :[Australian bookplates commissioned by persons whose names begin with the letters G through to K, collected by David Graham. 19-- - 1950s].

1900 - 1960
Barnett, Percy Neville, 1881-1953; Dwyer, Ella Margaret, 1887-1979; Feint, Adrian, 1894-1971; Gallop, Herbert Reginald, 1890-1958; Goodchild, John Charles, 1898-1980; Hopson, William Fowler, 1849-1935; Jardine, Walter, 1885-; Jordan, Allan, 1898-1982; Lindsay, Lionel Arthur (Sir), 1874-1961; Lindsay, Norman Alfred William, 1879-1969; Litchfield, Phillip M, active 1920s-1930s; McGrath, Raymond, 1903-1977; O'Harris, Pixie, 1903-1991; Perrottet, George David, 1890-1971; Pierson, Percy Roach, active 20th century; Satchell, Edgar, active 1920s; Shillito, Phyllis Sykes, 1895-1980

Arranged in boxes alphabetically according to the name of the person for whom the plate was made.

Contains plates made for:

Herbert R Gallop (owner is also the artist, possibly Herbert Reginald Gallop)

R A Gallop (initials on bookplate possibly read "I H Q", the name H R Gallop is written on the back, possibly Herbert Reginald Gallop, 1924)

Gwendolen Game (by Ella Dwyer, 1932)

Sir Philip Game (by J B G, possibly John Barclay Godson, 1932)

Joy Garden (by Adrian Feint)

James A Gardiner (possibly by Raymond McGrath)

G L Garnsey (2 bookplates, 1 picturing a cricket match and cricket equipment, a kangaroo with a cricket bat, a koala reading a book, and 2 birds, possibly ducks, the other picturing 2 koalas, 1 apparently selling books to the other, possibly by Norman Lindsay)

George L Garnsey (intitials of artist possibly R B or R S)

J W Gellert (by L L, possibly L Lindsay)

John Gibson (3 bookplates, 1 by J S Watkins, possibly John Samuel Watkins, 1932, 1 by Adrian Feint, 1 by G D P, possibly George D Perrottet, 1934, picturing a phoenix rising from a fire, which the collector has noted is "based on D H Lawrence's phoenix seal")

Rosa Gibson (including 2 sets of initials, the 1st reads G D P, possibly George D Perrottet, the 2nd possibly reads B J. The bookplate seems to commemorate a centenary 1834-1934, possibly the Melbourne Centenary)

Gladys (possibly by P Neville Barnett)

John B Godson (1 by F C H, 1 by artist unknown)

Diana Goldsmid (by G D P, possibly George D Perrottet)

John Goodchild (owner possibly also the artist)

Paul Langton Grano

Arthur Fairfield Gray

Helen Gray (possibly by R A Clive)

Bastl V S Greatrex (name of owner difficult to read, name of the artist possibly Mark Seriem, England)

J G Griffin (by Geo T, 1908)

W R Griffiths (by A F, possibly Adrian Feint)

Helen Groom (by G D P, possibly George D Perrottet)

Captain Francis Edward de Groot (by Phyllis S Shillito. Bookplate includes the text "The sword is mightier than the scissors" and an emblem including a sword, a pair of scissors, a head with a crested helmet, a rearing horse, a lion, the Union Jack and the flag of Australia)

V S H (2 bookplates, 1 possibly by M McCartney, picturing a press, possibly a printing press, the other by J Hanna)

S V Hagley (3 bookplates, 2 by A J, 1 with artist's initials illegible, possibly R W, picturing a witch or wizard mixing potions)

Sydney Hagley

Sydney V Hagley (2 bookplates, 1 by P Roach Pierson, 1940, the other by A F, possibly Adrian Feint, picturing an Australian 1 penny coin and several books with the titles "Bookplates", "Numismata Australiana" and "Entomology")

Halycon (by Pixie O'Harris, picturing a young girl and a pixie)

J M Hammond (by Phillip M Litchfield, 1927, possibly picturing a prospector panning for gold)

Edward Hammond Hargraves

C E Harris

George H Harris

Clarence D Hart

L J Harvey (picturing reief carving of the legendary figure Andromeda. Collector notes that L J Harvey was an instructor in modelling at the Brisbane Technical College)

Helen (name of the artist illegible, possibly Eulamer)

C Hepburn (by P B)

V S Hewett (3 bookplates, 1 by T, possibly Eric Thake, 1 by Allan Jordan, 1 by artist unknown)

Hans Heysen (by Lionel Lindsay)

Fred Hiley

J J Hilder

Fred Hiley (by P N B, possibly Percy Neville Barnett)

Name of owner illegible, possibly Arnold Hirt

W R G Hiscock (by H Ogilvie, possibly Helen Ogilvie)

H F Hoad (by Crampton)

Hodgson (the words "Hodgson" and "NSW Railways" are written in pencil upon the bookplate, though it is not obvious what these refer to)

C G Hodgson (address on the bookplate reads "157 Macquarie Street North, Sydney)

A E Holland

L Hopkins

W F Hopson (owner possibly also the artist. This bookplate is possibly by the American artist William Fowler Hopson and may have been incorrectly filed by the collector)

C V Howard (by E S, possibly Edgar Satchell)

H J Howes (picturing an aboriginal shield and 2 spears, with the words "Marombi Coolah", possibly refering to a location in New South Wales, Australia)

S W Hume (by Phillip Litchfield, picturing Redbraes Castle)

L Stenhouse Huntley (2 bookplates1 by P Roach Pierson, 1936, 1 by artist unknown)

George R Hyam (by Walter Jardine, 1931)

R F Irvine (name of the artist illegible, possibly I Sidlono or I Sipono)

Harold J Jack (possibly by K Jack)

Carl V Janssen (a note on the back of the bookplate reads "A young artist killed in the land of Gallipoli")

Harold & Nell Jenkins (by G D P, possibly George D Perrottet)

H D Jennings (by R D)

Geoffrey A Johnson (by G D P, possibly George D Perrottet)

F R Jordan (by Lionel Lindsay, picturing a various objects including a judge's wig)

H V Justelius (2 bookplates by J Goodchild, possibly Jobn Charles Goodchild)

Charles G Kellaway (possibly by Olive Crane)

Rhoda S Kettlewell (by R D, possibly Roy Davies)

Lorna Robin King (by William Hunter)

W & M Kingham (by Adrian Feint)

Quantity: 77 b&w art print(s) on bookplates..

Physical Description: Engravings, etchings

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The Graham Bookplate Collection; bookplates collected by David H Graham. [1500-1950s] / Various artists :[Australian bookplates collected by David H Graham].
77 b&w art print(s) on bookplates., Bookplates, Engravings, etchings
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