Various artists :[Seven loose watercolour drawings of New Zealand (Timaru) and Australia (Sydney and Tasmania), 1874 and 1888].

1874 - 1888
Sandys, Edward Roper Stapleton, 1845-
Includes views of Timaru, Sydney and Tasmania. Some of these works may be by Edward Sandys. Quantity: 7 watercolour(s). Physical Description: Watercolour sizes varying about 150 x 300 mm.
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7 watercolour(s), Works of art, Watercolours, Watercolour sizes varying about 150 x 300 mm.
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Date: 1887 Ref: A-128-014 Description: View of a calm sea and sky, seen from aboard a ship. Inscriptions: Verso - centre - [Title] Quantity: 1 watercolour(s). Physical Description: Watercolour ...
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Date: 1888 Ref: A-128-015 Description: View of a coastline seen from a ship (possibly the "Sobraon") with low cliffs along it, and ranges of hills behind, beneath a cloudy sky. Inscriptions: Vers...
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Date: 1870 - 1880 Ref: A-128-017 Description: Shows a substantial two-storeyed house with a circular carriage drive in front of it. During the 1870s, this was probably the home of Frederic Barker, Bishop...
Date: 1874 Ref: A-128-019 Description: Shows a path passing between a group of cabbage trees, with rolling country beyond. Inscriptions: Mat recto - beneath image - [Title]; Verso - bottom right ...
Date: 1870 - 1920 By: Neville, Louis, 1852-1919 Ref: A-128-018 Description: Shows a view of the coastline at Timaru, seen from the water. Shows a long low cliff with a small jetty at the right-hand end. Red-roofed houses stand among ...