Lindsay, Norman Alfred William, 1879-1969 :A. G. Stephens [1901 or 1902?]

1900 - 1920
Lindsay, Norman Alfred William, 1879-1969; Turnbull, Alexander Horsburgh, 1868-1918

Shows Alfred Stephens, Editor of the Sydney Bulletin, seated in his study at his desk at night, a gas lamp lit above him, books in a bookcase alongside him. He is gazing at his raised right hand, in which he holds a woman's garter. On the desk in front of him, lie a lock of hair tied with a bow, an envelope and a pen. The portrait is contained in a tondo shape and above it, float the faces of seven smiling women, while a sad-faced woman is below. To the left, a Cupid figure with quiver and arrows, is walking away, holding a candle and yawning.

The drawing illustrated a poem by A. G. Stephens, 'Oblation' published in 1902. In it, Stephens refers to himself procrastinating while he daydreams. He mentions various women in the poem, including 'Yet ... I bethink me Winnie's wicked eye'; 'These notes for slashing leaders I should do / I'll tether them again in Amy's garter ... It was a trophy, keepsake, what you will'; 'Here in the drawer naughty Jenny's hair - how I remember the fond night I shore it' ; 'I often wish I'd cribbed a lock from each / As Schaunard in La Vie (sigh!) de Boheme ... But I was always careless ... Only that hat pin with the butterfly / Well it holds Clara's photo, in the rack / She's married now ...'; 'And here is Lucy's letter - little Jade' ; 'That's all ... no something rattles - Kitty's pen!'

Inscriptions: Signed: N.L.

Quantity: 1 drawing(s).

Physical Description: Ink drawing 305 x 228 mm

Provenance: Possibly purchased by Alexander Turnbull

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Partly restricted - Curator required
1 drawing(s), Works of art, Ink drawings, Portraits, Caricatures, Ink drawing 305 x 228 mm
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