Mason bees

Mason bee, Mason fly
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Mason bees nest
Date: [ca 1910] From: Price, William Archer, 1866-1948 :Collection of post card negatives Ref: 1/2-000628-G Description: View of a mason bees nest. Photograph taken by William A Price in early 1900s. Inscriptions: Photographer's title on negative - bottom centre - Mason bees n...
Abbot, John, 1751-1840 :Mason fly. [ca 1818]
Date: 1816 - 1818 From: Abbot, John 1751-1840 :Original drawings of insects by J Abott. [1816?] Ref: E-272-f-104 Description: A Mason bee on wood, shown with pupa and caterpillar. According to the artist's notes 'The Mason fly, called here Dirt dauber, builds their cells of dirt to ...