Spinning - China

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Spinning thread, China
Date: [194-?] From: Alley, Rewi, 1897-1987 :Photographs Description: Spinning thread on spinning wheels, China, photographed by an unknown photographer in the 1940s. Quantity: 1 b&w original photographic print(s). Physical D...
Date: ca 1940 From: Alley, Rewi, 1897-1987 :Photographs Description: Photographs of industries and other activities supported by the Chinese Gung Ho (Work Together) co-operative movement Quantity: 1 album(s) Album(s).
Date: 1940s From: Alley, Rewi, 1897-1987 :Photographs Description: Mainley about Shandan Beili school, its students, and some of the technical skills taught at the school. There are a number of photos showing parades with f...
Date: 1940s Description: Quantity: 1 album(s) Album(s).
Brierly [Brierley] spinning his Magic in China. 2001
Date: 2001 Description: Shows Sir Ronald Brierley spinning golden fleece on a spinning wheel outside a palace wall in China. A note below reads 'Apologies to Rumpelstiltskin'. Publ...
Date: 1940s Description: People, projects, and activities associated with the Gung Ho cooperative movement in China Quantity: 1 album(s) Album(s).