[Eagle, Audrey Lily], 1926?- :(Upper left) Hebe masoniae, Cobb R. Valley, Nov. '76, cult Tony Druce. Mauve fl. L. Sylvester Jan. 78. White fl enlarged March '81; (upper centre) Hebe pauciramosa, Edwards Range, Nov. '76, A P Druce cult.; (upper right) Hebe divaricata, Aorere Valley, NW Nelson, Nov. '76, Druce cult.; (lower left) Hebe venustula, enlarge fl. Desert Rd, Feb. '89. Seed capsule Whana huia, Ruahine Mts, Nov. '76, AP Druce cult.; (lower rt) [Hebe] pinguifolia (ii), Dec. 1979. Flowers Mt Robert, L. Rotoaira, cult. Druce Jan. '78? [1976, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1989]

1976 - 1978 - 1989 - 1981

Shows leaves, flowers and seedpods of five varieties of hebe.

Artist's list:

H. pinguifolia (ii): Flowers Dec. 1978, capsules Jan. 1979 from cult. plant orig. from Mt Robert, supplied by Tony Druce

Hebe masoniae: White flowers Nov. 1976 from a cult. plant orig. from Cobb R. Valley. Mauve flowers from L. Sylvester also Cobb Valley area, Jan. 1978, coll. A Eagle. Capsules January, cult.

H. pauciramosa: Flowers and capsules Nov. 1976 from a cult. plant, coll. by Tony Druce from Edward's Ra., nr. southern end of Lake Tekapo by Tony Druce.

H. divaricata: Flowers Nov. 1976, capsules Feb. from a cult. plant coll. from Aorere V., NW Nelson by Tony Druce

H venustula: Flowers Feb. 1989, cult. plant orig. from Desert Rd. Capsules Nov. 1976 from Whana Huia, Ruahine Mts., also from a cult. plant, coll. by Tony Druce.

Individual images appear on pages 1009, 1021 and 1023 of Eagle's "Complete trees and shrubs of New Zealand"

Other Titles - November, North west, January, River, Road, Lake, February, December

Quantity: 1 watercolour(s).

Physical Description: Watercolour on sheet 253 x 202 mm.

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1 watercolour(s), Works of art, Watercolours, Scientific illustrations, Watercolour on sheet 253 x 202 mm., Orientation: Vertical image
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