Bluff Freezing Works

Established in 1885 by the Southland Frozen Meat Company.

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Bluff Freezing Works
Date: ca 1910 From: Atkinson, J :Photographs taken in the Middle East during World War I, and postcards of New Zealand Ref: 1/2-091861-F Description: Bluff Freezing Works, circa 1910. Photographer unidentified. Inscriptions: On original postcard, top left: Freezing works, Bluff, NZ Quantity: 1 b&w copy n...
Date: ca 1910 From: Tesla Studios :Negatives of Wanganui and district taken by Alfred Martin, Frank Denton and Mark Lampe (Tesla Studios) Ref: 1/1-016428-G Description: Scene at Bluff, circa 1910, with the Bluff Freezing Works on the left. The ship in the foreground is unidentified. Photograph probably taken by Frank J Dento...