Harris, George Prideaux Robert, 1775-1840

English artist and visitor to Sydney. In February 1805 he drew likenesses of visiting Maori, including a portrait of Te Pahi (1760?-1809), a Ngapuhi chief, against a background of water, hills and trees, with a canoe, published London 1827. (Source: Joan Kerr. The dictionary of Australian artists to 1870.)

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Harris, George Prideaux Robert, 1775-1840 :Tippahee a New Zealand chief / eng[rave]d by W Archibald from an original drawing by G P Harris. [London, 1827].
Date: 1827 - 1805 By: Harris, George Prideaux Robert, 1775-1840; Archibald, W, active 1827; Webster, Kenneth Athol, 1906-1967 Ref: A-092-007 Description: Shows a three-quarter-length portrait of a chief with two feathers in his hair, wearing a cloak over one shoulder and a pendant in the shape of a skull, hold...