Thompson, David, 1828-1914

Thomson, David, 1828-1914

Wanganui photographer. Born Saffron Waldon, Essex. Arrived from Queensland 1863. In Mar 1866 was in partnership with Thomas Tuffin. Recorded in electoral rolls as photographer 1874-1879. Cartes-de-visite in ATL collection indicate that he was also in partnership with a photographer named Daley in the 1870s. Later farmed in Okoia district. June 1887 married Harriet Duncombe. Secretary of Wanganui Fire Brigade 1873-1875. Died Wanganui. (Source: A P Bates, pers comm, AT 13/12/1 18/9/99.

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Francis Sherriff - Photograph taken by David Thompson
Date: [Between 1874 and 1879] From: Harper, Laura Helen Bruce, 1888-1970: Photographs By: Thompson, David, 1828-1914 Ref: PA2-1776 Description: Carte de visite portrait of Francis Sherriff, taken 1870s by David Thompson of Wanganui. Inscriptions: Verso - In pencil: Francis Sherriff Quantity: 1 b&w ...
Date: 1862 - 1900 By: Hemus & Hanna (Firm); Clarke, William Henshaw, 1831-1910; Wrigglesworth, James Dacie, 1836-1906; Davis & Company (Wellington, N.Z.); Farley and Company; Gibbs, William Brickell, 1844?-1898; Wrigglesworth and Binns (Firm); Harding, William James, 1826-1899; Peyman, Benjamin, 1823?-1897; Thompson, David, 1828-1914; Bowden, Beverley, active 1994 Ref: PAColl-3701 Description: Quantity: 18 photocopy/ies.
Thompson, D (Wanganui) fl 1875-1878 :Memorial card of those 'lost in the Avalanche' Sep 1877?
Date: Sep 1877 By: Thompson, David, 1828-1914 Ref: PA2-1773 Description: Shows photgraphs of 8 people and has inscription lost in the Avalanche Sep 1877 Inscriptions: Recto - In Memory of (photographs unidentified) and underneath...
Thompson, D (Wanganui) fl 1875-1878 :Portrait of unidentified woman
Date: 1875 - 1878 By: Thompson, David, 1828-1914 Ref: PA2-1775 Description: Quantity: 1 b&w original photographic print(s).
Thompson, D (Wanganui) fl 1875-1878 :Portrait of unidentified woman
Date: 1875 - 1878 By: Thompson, David, 1828-1914 Ref: PA2-1774 Description: Quantity: 1 b&w original photographic print(s).
Date: [1860-1900] From: Packer, Robbie: Cartes de visite By: Aldersley, Alpheus, 1849-1893; American Photographic Company (Auckland, N.Z.); Bayne, Walter Menzies, 1867-1945; Bartlett, Robert Henry, 1842-1911; Bartlett & Company (Auckland, N.Z.); Bishop, G W, active 1860s; Bowers, Henry Thomas, active 1880s; Bragge, James, 1833-1908; Carnell, Samuel, 1832-1920; Cazneau and Connolly (Firm); Clarke, William Henshaw, 1831-1910; Clarke Brothers (Firm); Clarkson, Ernest A., active 1880s; Clayton, Charles A, active 1895-1906; Cobb, Joseph, Edward, 1841?-1911; Cobb, Harriet Sophia, 1846-1929; Collie, William, 1826?-1900; Collis, William Andrews, 1853-1920; Cossgrove, Andrew Goudie, 1859-1890; Cowie, Morton, 1860-1929; Coxhead Brothers (Firm); Crombie, John Nicol, 1827-1878; Cuthbert, Peter, 1868?-1897; Davis & Company (Wellington, N.Z.); Davis, William Henry Whitmore, 1812-1901; De Loree, Peter P, 1820?-1899; Deveril, Herbert, 1840-1911; Excelsior Studio; Ferrier & Rock (Firm); Foy Brothers (Firm); Gibbs, William Brickell, 1844?-1898; Haigh, Rudolph, active 1878; Hanna, John Robert, 1850-1915; Hemus, Charles, 1849-1925; Hemus & Hanna (Firm); Herrmann, Richard, -1892; Huff, Frank Rufus, 1850-1920; Iles, James, active 1878; Kaiapoi Portrait Gallery; Kinsey, William Henry Scott, 1860-1931; Kirkwood, John, active 1870-1887; Lawson, Albert, 1844?-1901; Leaf, Robert, 1842-1905; Lock, Henry Thomas, active 1885-1910?; Low, J, active 1880; McEachen, John Allan, 1844?-1920; Macey, William Henry, -1931; Martin, Alfred, 1846?-1906; Martin, Charles, 1842?-1905; Monkton, Charles Henry, 1840-1890; Nicholas, Collan, 1837?-1909; Partington & Kinsey (Firm); Perkins, William Herbert, -1927; NZ Photo Company; Phillips and Pollard (Firm); Pollard, Edwin Kelah, 1855-1905; Pulman, George, 1827-1871; Price, Thomas Edward, 1863-1928; Redfern, George W, -1901; Ring, James, 1856-1939; Sargeant, Albert, active 1878-1885; Scott, John, active 1875-1879; Seymour, John, active 1856-1866; Shailer, George William, 1848-1918; Sorrell, Charles, 1855-1932; Spencer, Charles, 1854-1933; Swan, George Henry, 1833-1913; Tait Brothers (Firm); Teague, Edward, active 1867-1888; Thompson, David, 1828-1914; Vorley, Herbert Henry, 1840-1880; Webbe, Edward Francis, -1889; White, James Oliver, active 1870s; Williams, Hanwell, 1835-1911; Wrigglesworth and Binns (Firm); Zambra, Caesar Anthony, -1881 Ref: PA1-q-1289 Description: Ring binder album containing cartes de visite studio portraits of men, women, children, family groups and a few scenic views, organised by location and photo...
Thompson, D (Wanganui) fl 1875-1878 :Portrait of unidentified man
Date: 1875 - 1878 By: Thompson, David, 1828-1914 Ref: PA2-2459 Description: Shows man sitting with two dogs beside him Quantity: 1 b&w original photographic print(s).
David Stark Durie
Date: Between 1863 and 1874 From: Harding, William James, 1826-1899 :Negatives of Wanganui district By: Thompson, David, 1828-1914 Ref: 1/4-004108-G Description: Portrait of Major David Stark Durie (1804-1874), first commander of the Armed Police Force detachment in Wellington and later a resident magistrate, taken in...
Lieutenant Rowan, wearing a head bandage, and his servant
Date: 7 January 1869 From: Harding, William James, 1826-1899 :Negatives of Wanganui district By: Thompson, David, 1828-1914 Ref: 1/4-004383-G Description: Photograph taken by David Thompson, who used the studio of William James Harding, Wanganui. Lieutenant Rowan's head is bandaged and his servant holds a slate...