Lonsdale, Neil 1907-1989 :Now, match them up! A special test is to be applied to about 100 children who are believed to be of superior intelligence... The District Senior Inspector of Schools Mr A.E. Golding. Promises. Performances. April 1956?


Shows Nordmeyer, Nash, Holyoake and Holland as school children standing at the teacher's desk. On the desk is a puzzle which consists of a tube (Performances) and rectangle block (Promises) which are to be placed onto a stand in their respective shapes. They are all looking rather baffled by the task as the teacher watches on. Refers to the special test designed for 100 school children who are believed to be of superior intelligence and also suggests that most politicians cannot distinguish between their performance and the promises they have made.

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Lonsdale, Neil, 1907-1989 :200 original cartoons by Neil Lonsdale from 1955 to 1962.
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