Tremain, Garrick, 1941- :[25 cartoons published in the Otago Daily Times between 1 June and 30 June 2002.]

Tremain, Garrick, 1941-

Cartoons on New Zealand and international political and social issues.

Shows father and son watching a World Cup Soccer game. The boy comments that he's going to play soccer when he grows up as it gives him all day to do something else.

Comment on the nature of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.

Shows Sharon and Arafat as two dogs. Sharon is huge and dangerous and Arafat is small and timid. George W Bush points out Arafat as being the dangerous dog and the other needing to be put on a lead for his own protection.

Comparing the Black Caps cricket performance with the teachers strike.

The Beehive is bombarded by a swarm of Painted Apple Moth demanding an apology from Helen Clark. Refers to all the apologies Clark has given recently.

Nandor Tanczos argues that using cannabis has never done him any harm.

Helen Clark defends her position on giving special treatment to Maori.

Walking frames are unloaded ready for a political address by Winston Peters.

Helen Clark prays to God to look after the country while she campaigns. She reassures God she'll pick the job up again on the 28th of July (the day after the election).

Jim Anderton receives a gold Mickey Mouse watch from his former Alliance Party colleagues.

A New Zealand couple receive a written apology from Helen Clark for the things she will do once back in power.

Helen Clark and Bill English get breifed about not hitting below the belt. Helen Clark's belt (popularity) goes all the way up to her arm-pits and Bill English's belt only comes up to her knees.

A storm cloud (resurgent unionism) rains over a school. The forecast is for continuing stormy weather for the next three years.

Helen Clark stands on a chair screaming as 4 large rats (Rising Dollar, Falling Commodity Prices, Popularity Decline, Rising Interest Rates) approach her.

A child comments on the 2002 snap election.

Helen Clark does the Dance of the Seven Veils with possible election dates. The audience call for her to give them a date.

A man is about to take a pill (rural GP subsidy) but it is too little to help with his condition, a giant knife (rural dissolution policies) through his body.

Shows Winston Peters using immigration to brew up trouble as a way of getting back into power.

Comment on the number of apologies the Prime Minister has been making.

Comment on the likelihood of the Teacher Settlement Package being ratified.

Shows Helen Clark ticking off the list of apologies she's planning to make.

Comment on the possibility of a mad-cow disease outbreak in New Zealand.

Shows Helen Clark holding firm on not letting anything out in regards to the possible election date.

Shows Air New Zealand's new no-frills airline, the plane has no seats.

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