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Information about

> The National Library is currently undertaking a project to archive the website


The objective of the project is to have a copy of the publicly available information from , including the photographs, available for browsing online as part of the New Zealand Web Archive.

Update: September 2018

The indexing of is complete, but there is further work to be done on the OpenWayback viewer before we can make Old Friends available.

The good news is the Internet Archive has also harvested Old Friends. The link below will take you to a 2015 copy of, which has the Old Friends homepage. You can navigate through the pages from there or find earlier copies.

The later dates tend to show the 'Old Friends has now closed' page. on the Internet Archive

Update: February 2018

In our previous update we mentioned the need to install our new Openwayback viewer before we can make Old Friends available. Part of that involves two indexing processes. In January we indexed all the archived websites in the collection – that took a month to complete. We’re now working to get the final indexing process underway.

Update: August 2017

There are a couple of technical issues we’re working through before we can make Old Friends available. Our current web viewer needs upgrading, so we’ve been testing the new viewer (Openwayback). Old Friends works well in the new viewer. Once the viewer is fully tested, it will be installed in the National Digital Heritage Archive.

We anticipate that Old Friends will be very popular once it’s available, so we’re running some tests to ensure that we don’t overload the system when people start accessing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some common questions we've been asked about this project:

Q. How will I know when the archived copy of Oldfriends is available?

A. We will add the link to this page once the item is archived. You will also be able to find the site by searching the national library site for “Old Friends” and narrowing your search to the filter “website”.

Q. What content will be harvested and made available?

A. Legal Deposit allows us to make publicly available a copy of the publicly available information on the Old Friends website, including photographs .

Q. Will I be able to contribute to the website or add more content?

A. No. It will be a static archived website, as archived at the time near to closing.

Q. There is content on the site that I want you to take down.

A. We’ve taken a copy of the website as it existed online at the time immediately prior to closing, under Legal Deposit legislation. If you have specific concerns regarding content that is on the site, please email and we will discuss the matter with you.