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Packaged publications delivered to the library under Legal Deposit

Submitting your publication

If you are publishing in both physical and electronic formats, you are required to deposit both.

Physical publications

Online digital publications

New Zealand’s documentary heritage is both physical and electronic, and the format is part of what we want to preserve. Even when the content is the same across different versions, the format has an affect on how the user accesses it.

Physical publications

You can send in physical publications (e.g. print, CD, DVD, USB etc) with a completed Legal Deposit form. Download and fill in this form, and then print it out and

  • post it in with your publication, or
  • bring it in with your publication to our Wellington building where our Kaiarahi or Turnbull staff can help you.

Save the PDF to your computer, and then enter your information. Filling it in directly in your browser might mean you lose what you've entered.

Download the Legal Deposit form (pdf, 126KB)

For physical publications, you’re required to:

  • supply two copies at your own expense, including postage
  • provide these copies within 20 working days from the date of first publication (if you miss the deadline, please do send it in anyway!)
  • supply two copies of all versions, eg. if you are publishing in different languages
  • supply two copies of every second or subsequent edition, including:
    • revised, corrected, enlarged, or abridged editions
    • editions where the name of the publisher has changed, even if the text hasn’t been altered.

If your publication is coming out in both hardback and paperback, you only need to submit copies of the hardback.

There are some exceptions to these rules:

  • If the price of each copy of a published work is over $1000, you only need to supply one copy.
  • If the price of an annual subscription of a periodical is over $3000, you only need to supply one copy of each issue.
  • If you produce fewer than 100 copies, you only need to send us one.

Send your physical publications to:

Legal Deposit Office
National Library of New Zealand
PO Box 12340
Wellington 6144

Or courier them to:

Legal Deposit Office
National Library of New Zealand
58 Molesworth Street
Dockway No. 1 (off Aitken Street)
Wellington 6011

Online digital publications

You need to send us one copy of your digital publication, along with a completed Legal Deposit form.

Save the PDF to your computer, and then enter your information. Filling it in directly in your browser might mean you lose what you've entered.

Download the Legal Deposit form (pdf, 345KB)

We can either download your publication from the Internet, if we know it is available, or you can send it to us directly. You can:

  • Email us at to notify us where we can download it. You may need to provide us with membership or other means of access if it is restricted.
  • Email it as an attachment to – maximum file size 20MB.
  • Transfer it to us via Dropbox or another cloud service. You can:
    • upload your files to a service of your choice and provide with access, or
    • deposit directly to our Dropbox using our Dropbox File Request portal, which lets you upload multiple files straight from your computer without requiring your own Dropbox account.
  • Deposit very large files or a large number of files using our FTP server. Email to request access.
  • Post your electronic publications to us, or drop them in on a physical carrier such as CD-ROM or USB drive. See the instructions for physical publications above, and please let us know whether you want the carrier returned to you.
  • If you were previously a user of our Web Deposit Tool, please note that this has been discontinued. Please use one of the above options or email for advice.

If your digital publication is paywalled, restricted to membership, or not freely available for any other reason, please make sure you let us know so that we can archive it under Restricted Access conditions.

Please make your publication available to us without any Digital Rights Management (DRM) or other technical usage restrictions.

File formats

If you are making your electronic publication available in multiple file formats, you are only required to submit one format for Legal Deposit.

We recommend providing read-only files for textual material, and lossless files for audiovisual material. For example, EPUB instead of DOC, and FLAC instead of MP3.

Help for publishers

If you don’t think you can get your digital publication to us any of these ways, contact us at or on 04 474 3104. Our research and development staff love the challenge of new formats.