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Help with legal deposit

Got a question about legal deposit? This page may have the information you are after and if not get in touch.

Things you don’t need to deposit

You don’t need to deposit copies of items that aren't made publicly available. Also some specific works are not covered by legal deposit, including:

  • blank forms or labels, programmes and timetables
  • catalogues and trade advertising
  • in-house material such as training manuals, teaching or course notes and minutes of meetings
  • new editions of public domain texts not originally published in New Zealand, reproduced with no new supplementary material to which new copyright would apply
  • offprints such as excerpts from publications, separately printed
  • press releases
  • publications distributed only to immediate circle, that is friends and family
  • reprinted or reissued publications with no alterations to text or illustrations.

I have lots of items to deposit, what do I do?

If you have a large quantity of publications to deposit or deposit frequently get in touch. We can make arrangements to receive your publications and publications' information using bulk processing methods.

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What are the Library’s preferred formats?

Below are our preferred formats for our most common deposits.

Publication Preferred format
Publication is coming out in both hardback and paperback Hardback
Digital text material Read only files for textual material — EPUB, PDF
Digital audiovisual material Lossless files — FLAC, WAV
New or complex format If your publication is a new format or a complex, multi-media work, please get in touch, our research and development staff love the challenge of new formats.

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How do I deposit when I use Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)?

Don't use Amazon’s “Gift This Book” function or supply .kpf files. We are unable to use these to obtain a copy of your publication for long-term archiving.

Instead, send us your publication as an EPUB or PDF (recommended), or DOC/DOCX (acceptable). Your deposit should include everything that was in the final publication, for example, cover image, title page, content, copyright information.

Indicate on the legal deposit form that the published format differs from the format provided. This information is included in the descriptive record we create for your publication.

What about sending something with Digital Rights Management?

Digital Rights Management (or DRM) refers to any technical means used to restrict access to the publication. For us to preserve digital collections over the long term, we require that files are deposited without any of these measures in place.

Send your your electronic publications to us without any Digital Rights Management (DRM) or other technical usage restrictions.

Need help?

Get in touch if you have more questions about legal deposit.

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