ISBN privacy statement

When we provide you with an ISBN we collect personal data from you. This data will go on to the Global Register of Publishers (GRP) database. If you don't want your information to go on the GRP database please email us.

We collect data when you request an ISBN

National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa is responsible for making allocations of ISBNs and ISBN prefixes to publishers located in New Zealand. In order to fulfil this role, we collect data about each publishing entity (be that a person or organisation) when a first application for ISBNs is made to us, and we update that information during each subsequent application.

Your data is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation

The information we collect may include personal data subject to the provision of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), such as an individual contact’s name, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and, for individuals, your personal postal address. Your data is affected by GDPR because we exchange such with the International ISBN Agency, an organisation based in the United Kingdom.

Why we collect personal data

There are two primary reasons why it is necessary for us to collect this information. Firstly, it is necessary for us to make your registration and provide you with an allocation of ISBNs. It is obligatory for a publisher to provide this information in order for us to be able to supply an allocation of ISBNs.

The second primary reason for collecting this data is to pass it to the International ISBN Agency so that they may include it in their publicly-available Global Register of Publishers database (GRP). This is a database managed by the International ISBN Agency covering allocations of ISBNs to publishers worldwide – please see the website for further details.

You do not have to share personal data on the Global Register for publishers

As a publisher it is not obligatory for you to share any personal data on the GRP other than the publisher name and the allocation of ISBNs/ ISBN prefixes. Other details can be held privately. We would nevertheless recommend that you choose to make your details publicly available on the GRP because it will help improve your visibility: members of the public will be able to get in touch with you about your books and how to obtain them. You may increase sales of your publication!

Email us if you don't want your data on the Global Register for publishers

If you are happy with your details to remain on the GRP, complete the 'Request and International Standard Number' form. If you wish for any of your details to be withheld from the GRP, email us at

Note that we will still retain all of your information in our private records for the reasons outlined above, but if you do not provide consent we will not share your personal information with any third parties. Note that you can change your preferences after submission of the application form by writing to