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We can connect 3 things related to 1900 and Ashburton High School to the places on this map.
Date: 1912 By: Wild, Harriet Newport, 1898-1984 Ref: MS-Papers-2435 Description: Cooking exercise book, 1912, Ashburton High School with dated lessons including recipes and notes on nutrition Accompanying material - Loose sheets of undat...
Date: Circa 1925 From: Moore, Robert Percy, 1881-1948 :Panoramic photographs of New Zealand Ref: Pan-1549-F Description: Panoramic view of Ashburton High School. Large brick buildings on the left and right of the picture. Rows of school pupils in uniform lined up on a paved pla...
Ashburton High School and Rectory - Photograph taken by A.W.H.
Date: [Between 1905 and 1910s] From: Price, William Archer, 1866-1948 :Collection of post card negatives By: Hopkins, Alfred Walter, 1882-1969 Ref: 1/2-000398-G Description: View of Ashburton High School and Rectory. The school building has the date 1905 above the front door. Photograph probably taken by Alfred W Hopkins, station...
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