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Chief Post Office (Wellington) :Christmas greetings and hearty good wishes for the New Year, from the officers of the General Post Office, Wellington, N.Z. / [Benoni] White del. et lith. A. D. Willis, Wanganui, N.Z. 1901.
Date: 1901 From: Various artists :[Box of assorted Christmas cards. 1860s-1919] By: Archibald Dudingston Willis (Firm); Chief Post Office (Wellington, N.Z.); White, Benoni William Lytton, 1858-1950 Ref: Eph-A-CARDS-Christmas-1901-01 Description: Shows a montage of images, including telegraph wires above Wellington Harbour, a young Maori woman posting a letter in a postbox while she frees a bird on h...