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[Cook, James] 1728-1779 :Map of the coast of the New Zealand discovered in the years 1769 and 1770, By I. Cook, Commander of His Majesty's Bark Endeavour. B. Longmate sculpsit. [London, 1773]
Date: 1773 - 1769 - 1770 From: Parkinson, Sydney, 1745-1771 :A journal of a voyage to the South Seas, in his Majesty's ship, 'The Endeavour'. Faithfully transcribed from the papers of the late Sydney Parkinson. London; Printed for Charles Dilly, in the Poultry, and James Phillips, in the George-Yard, 1784. By: Cook, James, 1728-1779; Longmate, Barak, 1737-1793 Ref: PUBL-0037-25 Description: James Cook's map of New Zealand, showing 'Banks's Island' (i. e. Banks' Peninsula) and 'Cape South' (i. e. Stewart Island), with the track of the Endeavour m...