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We can connect 8 things related to true and Traffic police to the places on this map.
Doyle, Martin, 1956- :Giving birth by the side of the road. 19 January 2015
Date: 2015 From: Doyle, Martin Maurice Michael Thomas, 1956- :Digital cartoons By: Facebook (Firm); Twitter Inc (Firm) Ref: DCDL-0030360 Description: Accompanying note from cartoonist states 'Since a number of babies are now being born in cars, does it not come under the jurisdiction of highway Police?'. ...
Nelson roadworks. Cardboard cutout police car used to slow traffic. "Just testing." 25 January, 2007
Date: 2007 From: Hawkey, Allan Charles, 1941- :[Digital cartoons published in the Waikato Times]. Ref: DCDL-0002893 Description: A woman pokes a policeman in the stomach with her umbrella to see whether he is real or a cardboard cutout. Quantity: 1 digital cartoon(s).
Clark, Laurence, 1949- :'I think I just saw your wife drive past, talking on a cellphone.' 1 December 2012
Date: 2012 From: Clark, Laurence, 1949- :Digital cartoons By: Northern advocate (Newspaper) Ref: DCDL-0023509 Description: Shows two police officers in a police car on a motorway. One turns to the other and says that the other's wife just drove past talking on a cell phone, and t...
Fletcher, David 1952- :'The police have come up with a faster test for drunk drivers' 31 October 2012
Date: 2012 From: Fletcher, David, 1952- :Digital cartoons By: Dominion post (Newspaper) Ref: DCDL-0023283 Description: The Politician is told that to test drunk drivers, they are asking them if they would relect him back to Parliament. 'And if they say yes, they're drunk' Qu...
Darroch, Bob, 1940- :'I was only using the celphone to tell him to get out of the way.' 29 November 2012
Date: 2012 From: Darroch, Bob 1940- :[Digital cartoons published in the Whangarei Report] By: Whangarei report (Newspaper) Ref: DCDL-0023510 Description: A police officer questions drivers at a crash scene, as onlookers watch. A person in a badly damaged car which has hit the back of another car states, 'I wa...
Scott, Thomas 1947- :'Can I interest you in our preferred repeat offender card? Pay cash for nine speeding tickets and get the tenth on the house...' The Dominion Post, 20 August 2004.
Date: 2004 From: Smith, Ashley W, 1948- :[Digital cartoons published in the Shipping Gazette, MG Business, or Presto] By: Scott, Thomas Joseph, 1947-; Dominion post (Newspaper) Ref: DX-025-023 Description: Traffic officer selling a discount card for speeding to a startled looking motorist. Quantity: 1 digital image(s).
Hawkey, Allan Charles, 1941- :'Smartphone?' 28 November 2012
Date: 2012 From: Hawkey, Allan Charles, 1941- :[Digital cartoons published in the Waikato Times]. By: Waikato Times (Newspaper) Ref: DCDL-0023514 Description: Shows a traffic police officer stopping a man driving a car who is holding a cell phone. The driver says that he thought the phone was smart, until now. Refe...
Colvin, Neville Maurice, 1918-1991:The fair cop. 1946-1956
Date: 1946 - 1956 By: Colvin, Neville Maurice, 1918-1991 Ref: B-184-058 Description: A very attractive female police officer pulls on her gloves as she prepares to mount her motor-bike. A gleeful man gets back into his car which has been pull...
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