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Places related to your search results. This map shows just part of our unpublished collections – there's more coming as we add location information to records. Learn how to use the map.

We can connect 4 things related to true, 1900, New Zealand Police, and Unknown to the places on this map.
Clark, Laurence (Klarc) 1949- :New PCs on the beat. New Zealand Herald. 28 June, 1997.
Date: 1997 By: Clark, Laurence, 1949-; New Zealand herald (Newspaper) Ref: J-044-010 Description: Shows a PC (personal computer) clothed in a Police jacket and hat. On the screen of the computer are the words, "'ello! 'ello! 'ello!." Exhibited in 'The Li...
Heath, Eric Walmsley, 1923- :'I wanna see a lawyer!' 'Take your pick!' The Dominion. 4 September, 1992.
Date: 1992 From: Heath, Eric, 1923- :Cartoons from the `Daily Smile' exhibition (1994-1996). [1970-1992]. Ref: B-143-027 Description: Shows a man in a police cell demanding to see a lawyer. The guard points to a row of men in the cells opposite and invites him to, "Take your pick!" Exhibit...
Scott, Thomas, 1947- :'Hello, hello, what do we have here? Oops. Sorry Senior. Sorry Sarg. Sorry Inspector...Sorry Miss...' Dominion Post, 19 February 2004.
Date: 2004 - 1986 From: Various artists :Collection of newspaper clippings, photocopies and bromides of cartoons by various cartoonists By: Dominion post (Newspaper) Ref: A-312-4-027 Description: A policeman is shining his torch into a vehicle parked near a signpost to Rotorua which has items of underwear hung on the back rear vision mirror. This cart...
Colvin, Neville Maurice, 1918-1991:The fair cop. 1946-1956
Date: 1946 - 1956 By: Colvin, Neville Maurice, 1918-1991 Ref: B-184-058 Description: A very attractive female police officer pulls on her gloves as she prepares to mount her motor-bike. A gleeful man gets back into his car which has been pull...
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