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We can connect 5 things related to Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd, Unknown, true, 1800, and Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd to the places on this map.
Kaiapoi Woollen Manufacturing Company Ltd :Order for Kaiapoi Woollen Manufacturing Co Ltd, Christchurch, from Mr .... ... Please make as per following - Directions for self-measuring [Blank order form with space for filling in measurements]. Whitcombe & Tombs, Lim[ite]d. lith. [ca 1886].
Date: 1882 - 1889 By: Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd; Kaiapoi Woollen Manufacturing Company Ref: Eph-B-COSTUME-1886-01 Description: A blank order form with space to fill in one's personal measurements for the making of a suit: coat, vest and trousers. At the left are diagrams showing wher...
Aulsebrooks & Company :Aulsebrook & Co. Steam biscuit manufacturers. Gold medal awarded to Aulsebrook & Co. Christchurch. New Zealand International Exhibition 1882. Whitcombe & Tombs Limited litho [1880s]
Date: 1882 - 1889 By: Aulsebrooks & Company; Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd Ref: Eph-C-FOOD-1880s-01 Description: Poster shows an illustration of Aulsebrooks steam biscuit factory and flour mills in Christchurch in the 1880s. At top and bottom are the recto and verso of ...
Robert Wilkin & Company :Robert Wilkin & Co.'s New Zealand farmers' almanac 1885. Fertilis frugum pecorisque tellus. Ninth year of issue. Whitcombe & Tombs Limited, Christchurch, lith. [Cover proof on sheet. 1885?]
Date: 1885 From: [Ephemera of quarto size relating to agriculture, farms and farming] By: Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd; Wilkin, Robert, 1820-1886 Ref: Eph-B-FARM-1885-01 Description: One panel of this cover proof shows the cover of the 1885 almanac, featuring cattle, sheep, horses, flax and harvested sheafs of grain. The other panel shows...
L, D M, fl ca 1885-1886 :Canterbury Dog Show held at Christchurch, Nov 10th & 11th 1885. Very highly commended. Awarded to ...... for ....., .... Chairman of Committee / D M L. Whitcombe & Tombs Limited, lithographers, &c [1885].
Date: 1885 By: Canterbury Dog Show; Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd; D. M. L. (Artist), active 1885-1886 Ref: Eph-B-DOG-1885-01 Description: A blank certificate, featuring a leafy border, with heads of various breeds of dogs, seven in number. Quantity: 1 b&w art print(s). Physical Description: L...
Canterbury Caledonian Society :Canterbury Caledonian Society St Andrew's supper, Nov 30, 1889. Toast list. D McLennan, litho. Whitcombe & Tombs Limited, 14618. 1889.
Date: 1889 By: Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd; Canterbury Caledonian Society; McLennan, D, active 1889 Ref: Eph-C-ASSOCIATION-C-1889 Description: Shows a bearded Scotsman wearing a kilt. He stands with a foot on a chair and the other foot on a table, with his glass raised, proposing a toast. At the rig...
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