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We can connect 4 things related to Tremain, Garrick, 1941-, true, New Zealand, and TAPUHI to the places on this map.
Tremain, Garrick 1941-:mumbo JUMBO. Otago Daily Times. 14 July, 2001.
Date: 2001 By: Tremain, Garrick, 1941-; Otago daily times (Newspaper) Ref: H-667-004 Description: Shows an Air New Zealand jumbo jet named 'mumbo JUMBO' taxiing to a halt. The ground signaller explains who's on board to the luggage driver. Exhibited in '...
Tremain, Garrick, 1941-:If you're all ready gentlemen we'll watch this tape of the Richard Loe incident'. 12? October 1992
Date: 1992 By: Tremain, Garrick, 1941-; Otago daily times (Newspaper) Ref: PUBL-0231-003 Description: Members of the Richard Loe Appeal Board sit around a table in front of a computer screen. All of them are blindfolded and the chair prepares to insert a vide...
Tremain, Garrick, 1941- :'I dunno what dis Marshall an' H.A.R.T. makin' all de fuss about... I been a member of dis Afrikaaner cricket team for ages now!' Otago Daily Times 17 December 1988.
Date: 1998 By: Tremain, Garrick, 1941-; Otago daily times (Newspaper) Ref: H-667-001 Description: Shows a scantily clothed black African man squatting in the position of three cricket wickets with the stumps balanced across his knees and head. He is cover...
Tremain, Garrick, 1941- :'What do you mean...I don't even notice you during the Super 12 season?' 16 March, 2000
Date: 2000 From: 1 original and 5 cartoon photocopies by Malcolm Walker, 6 cartoon photocopies by Daryl Crimp, 1 cartoon photocopy by Garrick Tremain, published in Sunday News between 2 September 1999 and 14 July 2000. By: Tremain, Garrick, 1941- Ref: H-620-007 Description: A man sits with his eyes fixed to the TV watching Super 12 rugby while his wife drapes herself over an armchair wearing only bra, fish-net stockings and susp...
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