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Evans, Malcolm :They shouldn't worry - They're not going to get enough ball to attack with anyway. 1 July 1997.
Date: 1997 By: Evans, Malcolm Paul, 1945-; New Zealand herald (Newspaper) Ref: B-154-016 Description: The cartoon shows a group of men at a barber's shop. One of them is reading a newspaper with a headline reading, Australia concerned with NZ's lack of defenc...
Evans, Malcolm Paul, 1945-: Come off it - 10 kits of category A kumaras equal one category B kangaroo any day. New Zealand Herald, 6 April 1977.
Date: 1977 By: New Zealand herald (Newspaper); Evans, Malcolm Paul, 1945- Ref: H-652-003 Description: Exhibition caption reads - New Zealand trade minister Lance Adams-Schneider and his Australian counterpart Doug Anthony confronting the reality of NAFTA. F...
Evans, Malcolm, 1947- :"Here we are - 'The first coalition budget was presented in Parliament yesterday ...'" New Zealand Herald, 27 June 1997.
Date: 1997 From: Various artists :Collection of newspaper clippings, photocopies and bromides of cartoons by Hiscocks (A-315-1), T. Lloyd (A-315-2), various artists from the "Ladies' Journal", "The Freelance", "New Zealand Graphic" and "Melbourne Punch" (A-315-3), Nisbet (A-315-4-001/012) and Malcolm Evans (A-315-5). By: Evans, Malcolm Paul, 1945-; New Zealand herald (Newspaper) Ref: A-315-5-006 Description: The secretary to Winston Peters, Treasurer in the New Zealand government and leader of the New Zealand First Party, who is looking miserable, has been search...
Evans, Malcolm 1945-:What time's dinner? Malcolm Evans, Edna, Book Five, 1985.
Date: 1985 By: Evans, Malcolm Paul, 1945- Ref: H-710-030 Description: Shows Edna swamped with processing fruit. Quantity: 1 photocopy/ies A4 size. Physical Description: horizontal A4 size photocopy