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We can connect 8 things related to 1800, Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd, true, and TAPUHI to the places on this map.
L, D M, fl ca 1885-1886 :Canterbury Dog Show held at Christchurch, Nov 10th & 11th 1885. Very highly commended. Awarded to ...... for ....., .... Chairman of Committee / D M L. Whitcombe & Tombs Limited, lithographers, &c [1885].
Date: 1885 By: Canterbury Dog Show; Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd; D. M. L. (Artist), active 1885-1886 Ref: Eph-B-DOG-1885-01 Description: A blank certificate, featuring a leafy border, with heads of various breeds of dogs, seven in number. Quantity: 1 b&w art print(s). Physical Description: L...
Canterbury Caledonian Society :Canterbury Caledonian Society St Andrew's supper, Nov 30, 1889. Toast list. D McLennan, litho. Whitcombe & Tombs Limited, 14618. 1889.
Date: 1889 By: Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd; Canterbury Caledonian Society; McLennan, D, active 1889 Ref: Eph-C-ASSOCIATION-C-1889 Description: Shows a bearded Scotsman wearing a kilt. He stands with a foot on a chair and the other foot on a table, with his glass raised, proposing a toast. At the rig...
L, D M, fl ca 1885-1886 :School of Agriculture, Lincoln, Canterbury, N.Z. / DML. Whitcombe & Tombs Lim [lithographers. ca 1886].
Date: 1882 - 1889 By: Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd; D. M. L. (Artist), active 1885-1886 Ref: A-353-023 Description: Shows the brick and stone main building of the School of Agriculture, Lincoln College, later Lincoln University. The building is viewed from the front with g...
Kaiapoi Woollen Manufacturing Company Ltd :Order for Kaiapoi Woollen Manufacturing Co Ltd, Christchurch, from Mr .... ... Please make as per following - Directions for self-measuring [Blank order form with space for filling in measurements]. Whitcombe & Tombs, Lim[ite]d. lith. [ca 1886].
Date: 1882 - 1889 By: Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd; Kaiapoi Woollen Manufacturing Company Ref: Eph-B-COSTUME-1886-01 Description: A blank order form with space to fill in one's personal measurements for the making of a suit: coat, vest and trousers. At the left are diagrams showing wher...
Aulsebrooks & Company :Aulsebrook & Co. Steam biscuit manufacturers. Gold medal awarded to Aulsebrook & Co. Christchurch. New Zealand International Exhibition 1882. Whitcombe & Tombs Limited litho [1880s]
Date: 1882 - 1889 By: Aulsebrooks & Company; Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd Ref: Eph-C-FOOD-1880s-01 Description: Poster shows an illustration of Aulsebrooks steam biscuit factory and flour mills in Christchurch in the 1880s. At top and bottom are the recto and verso of ...
Artist unknown :"Willie, the Inkslinger"; Credit, commerce, industries and property; he would sacrifice all to feed his vanity. Christchurch, Whitcombe & Tombs, [1890].
Date: 1889 - 1890 By: Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd Ref: A-014-015 Description: Shows the seated figure of "Willie the Inkslinger" (William Pember Reeves), about to throw an ink-bottle labelled "Lyttelton times", at the back of the retre...
Robert Wilkin & Company :Robert Wilkin & Co.'s New Zealand farmers' almanac 1885. Fertilis frugum pecorisque tellus. Ninth year of issue. Whitcombe & Tombs Limited, Christchurch, lith. [Cover proof on sheet. 1885?]
Date: 1885 From: [Ephemera of quarto size relating to agriculture, farms and farming] By: Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd; Wilkin, Robert, 1820-1886 Ref: Eph-B-FARM-1885-01 Description: One panel of this cover proof shows the cover of the 1885 almanac, featuring cattle, sheep, horses, flax and harvested sheafs of grain. The other panel shows...
Barker, Alfred Charles (Dr), 1819-1873 :Christchurch, Canterbury colony, New Zealand [1852]. Whitcombe & Tombs Lim. Lith. [1880s?]
Date: 1852 - 1882 - 1889 By: Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd; Barker, Alfred Charles (Dr), 1819-1873 Ref: A-353-022 Description: The first buildings around the Avon River, in what was to become central Christchurch. A flag flies on a flagpole in the centre. There are flax plants in the...
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