New Zealand interloan service trends, 2005-2015 and beyond

An overview by the National Library of New Zealand interloan activity from 2005 until 2015 plus investigation into current trends affecting that activity. August 2015.

August 2015

Download the interloan service trends report (pdf, 1.3MB)


This report provides an overview of New Zealand interloan activity from 2005 until 2015 plus investigates current trends affecting that activity.

Methods of analysis include:

  • Statistical information from Te Puna Interloan libraries and libraries that have ISO interoperability with Te Puna Interloan including Libraries Australia Document Delivery (LADD).
  • Qualitative information gained from face to face interviews with interloan practitioners.
  • Anecdotal evidence from Te Puna member library visits.
  • A literature scan on international interloan trends.

The report finds that the interloan environment, both internationally and nationally continues to be uncertain with interloan librarians coming to grips with the changing nature of:

  • Scholarly publishing
  • Licensing and copyright restrictions
  • Technology
  • Collections increasingly containing more digital content
  • Consortia which look at new ways of collaborating
  • Patron demand and expectations
  • Funding restrictions which are placing stress on library services including interloan
  • Interloan staffing

Te Puna Interloan continues to be widely used by New Zealand libraries for their interloan activity. Whilst interloan activity has been steadily decreasing for a number of years, it appears to be in a plateau period with customer satisfaction with Te Puna Interloan and related services increasing. New Zealand libraries continue to see a future need for interloan with Te Puna Interloan being part of that future. It is valued by both interloan practitioners and patrons.