Feedback from Te Puna Forum 2014

The Te Puna Replacement project sought Te Puna member library input at the Te Puna Forum 2014. March 2014.

March 2014

This was conducted by a survey sent to all member libraries and a workshop session at the Forum venues in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland.

Download the feedback summary (pdf, 29KB)

Feedback summary

Current tools

Cat Client

22 survey responses indicated that they use Cat Client. The responses overwhelmingly (>75%) rated Response Speed, Ease of Navigation, Ease of Editing and Search Options as “Good” or “Very Good”.


45 survey responses indicated that they use WebCat. The ratings for Ease of Navigation and Search Options were spread across “Acceptable”, “Good” and “Very Good”, with less than 10% rating either category as “Poor”.

Respondents indicated how they used WebCat as follows:

Function # of responses
Add brief records to the NUC 19
Add holdings to the NUC 36
Download records from the NUC 21
Download records from WorldCat 25

Future Functionality

Cataloguing Tools

From the forum and survey the biggest response was to improve workflow to allow greater inclusion of locally only catalogued material in the NUC. Timeliness of record, holdings availability, and improved searching were also considered important. Webcat users showed an interest in increased functionality for adding, editing and downloading records.

Automated Services

71% of survey respondents indicated an interest in using automated services. 88% of those interested would like to see a Z39.50 service continue, 80% are interested in automated updates from their ILS to the NUC & WorldCat, 62% in the ability to search and retrieve records in bulk and 57% in notification of changes to records in the NUC or WorldCat.

Bulk Loading & Data Refresh

59% of survey respondents indicated interest in a regular bulk load/data update service, 19% were not interested and 22% gave no response.

60% of survey respondents indicated interest in a full data refresh service, 25% were not interested and 14% gave no response.


Comments received for the suggested qualities needed for the new solution (“non functional requirements”) covered: easy to operate with context sensitive help, provision for Asian languages as well as support for Te Reo, consider making availability 7 days, consider making a wider range of bibliographic record sources available.


The survey asked what kinds of enhanced metadata was wanted in the NUC:

  • 96% indicated Table of Contents
  • 88% indicated Summaries
  • 73% indicated Book Covers
  • 46% indicated Reviews

The survey asked how libraries prefer to access e-resource metadata:

  • 37% indicated they prefer to use both their ILS and Te Puna Services/the NUC
  • 25% indicated they prefer to use their ILS only
  • 15% provided no response
  • 12% indicated they prefer to use Te Puna Services / the NUC only
  • 8% preferred other methods: vendors/aggregators or custom application

The Forum discussions around e-resource metadata showed a strong variance of opinion on the value of holding e-resource metadata in the NUC, given the licensing constraints on most e-resources.

Interlibrary Loans

The survey asked whether other document delivery agencies should be available through Interlibrary Loan. 44% responded Yes, 56% responded No or no response.

Search & Discovery

The survey asked for features requested for search & discovery across Te Puna Search. The largest response was for search across multiple databases/other content in one place.


When asked how libraries see their relationship with their users changing over the next five years, the single biggest response was provision of online services & access to e-resources. Themes identified for the future of libraries were:

  • Growth of digital content
  • Library constraints e.g. budgets, staff skills
  • Library viewed as a value add service

Thank you to all the libraries that answered the survey or contributed to the Forum discussions. Your input will help us with the next steps of developing requirements for a Te Puna replacement system.