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Digital Library Tools

Find out about 4 digital library tools you can use in your library — Dublin Core Registry, Te Reo Dublin Core, the Web Curator Tool and the Metadata Extraction Tool.

Te Reo Dublin Core

Te reo Māori terms are included in the registry. The translations have been authorised and fully endorsed by Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori – Māori Language Commission. More te reo Māori
translations are being added over time.

An update of Version 1.1 of the translated terms is not yet available through the registry, but can be downloaded.

Download version 1.1 of Te Dublin Core Metadata Element Huanga – Māori (He Tauira) (doc, 255KB | pdf, 158KB)

Web Curator Tool

The Web Curator Tool is for managing the selective web harvesting process. The tool is designed for use in libraries and other collecting organisations. It supports collection by non-technical users while still allowing complete control of the web harvesting process.

The Web Curator Tool was released as open-source software and can be downloaded from GitHub.

Download the Web Curator Tool from GitHub

Metadata Extraction Tool

The Metadata Extraction Tool programmatically extracts preservation metadata from the headers of a range of file formats, including PDF documents, image files, sound files and Microsoft Word documents. The metadata is output in a standard format for uploading into a preservation metadata repository.

The Metadata Extraction Tool was released as open-source software and can be downloaded from the SourceForge website.

Download the Metadata Extraction Tool from SourceForge