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Selwyn, Harriet Alice, active 1887

Daughter of John Richardson Selwyn? (Possibly daughter of Rev William Selwyn).

Selwyn, Fanny, active 1842-1857

Sister of George Augustus Selwyn. Possibly one of his sisters named: Laetitia Frances Selwyn (Mrs Peacock) (1807-1875) or Frances Elizabeth Selwyn (1815-1903). living in Birmingham UK in 1857

Selwyn Glacier

Source of the Dobson River

Selwyn Motors

On Cuba Street, Palmerston North, circa 1950s

Selwyn Village

Anglican retirement home in Point Chevalier, Auckland, from the 1940s.

Selwyn, Stephen John (Rev), 1875-1960

Born on Norfolk Island, the son of Rev John Richardson Selwyn; grandson of Bishop George Augustus Selwyn. Corresponded with the Alexander Turnbull Library in 1923 from Repton, Derbyshire.

Selwyn, Laetitia Frances, 1774-1842

Kynaston, Laetitia Frances, 1774-1842

Mother of Bishop George Augustus Selwyn

Selwyn, A E, active 1843

Cousin of George Augustus Selwyn (1809-1878)

Selwyn, Annie Catherine, 1855-

Mort, Annie Catherine, 1855-

Second wife of John Richardson Selwyn. Married 1885

Selwyn, Clara, 1845-1877

Long-Innes, Clara, 1845-1877

First wife of John Richardson Selwyn, second Bishop of Melanesia, and youngest son of George Augustus Selwyn, first Anglican Bishop of New Zealand. Married Jan 1872. She died on Norfolk Island.

Selwyn, Rebecca Sarah, 1874-1921

Selwyn, Rebie Sarah, 1874-1921

Third daughter of John Richardson Selwyn (1844-1898).