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Collinson, Thomas Bernard, 1822-1902

Lieutenant, Royal Engineers who was sent to Wanganui in 1846 to supervise the building of a stockade. Trained at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich and was first commissioned in 1838. Rose to rank of Major-General and retired in 1873. Made a large collection of drawings of Hong Kong and its surroundings, New South Wales and Tasmania, and Auckland, Wellington and Wanganui. He was the brother of Rear-Admiral Richard Collinson

Collingwood, C (Lieutenant), active 1840s

Probably a member of the Royal Engineers in Hong Kong with Thomas Bernard Collinson in 1843. Collinson refers to him as Lieutenant Collingwood, R.E. and as Lieutenant Collingwood M.A. Collingwood did several of the sketches of Hong Kong, Amoy and Canton, south China, in Collinson's account of his period in the area 1842-1846.


Tukurakau was established about 1850 by Captain Thomas Bernard Collinson to relocate the Maori population inland from the coastal pa of Kenakena (Collinson also planned out the township of Hadfield now known as Otaki during the same period). This was later known as the principal kainga of the Ngati Toa/ Te Ati Awa chief Wi Parata Te Kakakura. Most of the larger buildings were later relocated to establish the emerging township of Parata (present day Waikanae) about 1884-86, although some of Wi Parata'a children still continued occupy their own houses at Tukurakau until the 1940s and 50s.

White, Frederick John, active 1837-1848

A soldier (Lieutenant) with the Royal Marines, serving in Spain from 1837 to 1839, on the China expedition from Feb., 1840, serving in Hong Kong and Amoy, then moving on with the Marines to New Zealand, to serve in Wellington in 1848. He was also a painter in watercolours and several of his paintings are among the sketches of Thomas Bernard Collinson (q.v.).