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Impacts of actions from the past

People on Māori Land March leaving Te Reo Mihi Marae, Te Hapua, with a man videoing them.

Participants in Maori Land March leaving Te Reo Mihi Marae, Te Hapua, 1975 by Christian Heinegg. Ref: 35mm-87491-16-F Alexander Turnbull Library.

Consider past actions by people in Aotearoa NZ and their impacts on society then and today.


  • Actions, ideas, impact, community, groups, continuity, change, the past, people's lives, rights, rules.
  • He Tohu themes: living together, our future.

What to do

Rank impacts of actions from the past

Download 'Actions from the past' (pdf, 166KB) and get students to do the following tasks:

  1. Rank the cards, showing actions of people in the past in order from the most impact on people’s lives to the least.
  2. Consider the impacts based on the lives of:
    • people at the time
    • Māori
    • women in Aotearoa NZ
    • children and young people in Aotearoa NZ
    • people in a group of their choice
    • people in Aotearoa NZ today.
  3. In groups, discuss their reasoning for their chosen order.
  4. Share their ideas with other groups.

Understand the impacts of a past action

Select one of the actions from the past to complete the following:

  • What influenced the person or group to take action in this way?
  • What would have been the biggest impacts of this action at the time?
  • How would your community be different if the person or group had not taken this action?
  • How might your life be different if the person or group had not taken this action?

Some useful resources

Topic Explorer:

New Zealand Curriculum — social sciences

Conceptual strands:

  • Identity, Culture, and Organisation
  • Continuity and Change

Achievement objectives:

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